November 2021 $50 YOUR WAY #Giveaway!!

November Giveaway

Here we are yet again, another month down. Do you remember being 15 or 16 and thinking that time would just drag by? I thought I would never get to 21. Now, I swear even the clock goes faster! We are almost at 2022!! WHAT!??!!?

So, my monthly ‘catch up’ chat doesn’t have much in the way of news. I’m hoping now that it’s almost Christmas time my funky mood will go away. I plan to decorate for Christmas starting today. Why? Because I can!! 2nd I don’t have much in the way of Thanksgiving décor. AND because since we are so remote, I don’t get a lot of company. IE no one ever comes over…… so HA! I’m going to enjoy my Christmas season for an extended period of time. Biggest reason? It will drive my kids INSANE!! (Which I live for!)

I’m still so lucky that Alice wants to video call me almost daily. It’s the best part of my day. This month she found filters! Check these terrifying pictures! How would you like to answer a video call and see this?!?!? Little Turkey got me more than once!! So of COURSE I am going to share!!!  Misery does love company!

Now for the REAL reason you are here!!

November 2021 GiveawayGiveaway Time!!

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

407 thoughts on “November 2021 $50 YOUR WAY #Giveaway!!

  1. Quiet day at home. Got the amazing heated jacket I won. Now to have cooler weather to use it. Above average temps for the next 10 days.

  2. I would say that my day could have been worse but it could have been better. My apartment building’s maintenance has been doing super noisy yard work today. It’s been like fingernails on a chalk board. Thanks for letting me vent. LOL

  3. My day is going pretty good today getting a lot done around the house that I have been putting off. I am slowly getting into the holiday mood.

  4. It’s official! I am now an adult. Today I visited our solicitor and made my will. That’s it, that’s all the news there is!

  5. I decided to try going through boxes full of books in my closet. I still need to rearrange what my nephews put on the shelves and sort and lace the ones in boxes…I couldn’t reach the top of the heavy stack in the closet…but I figured if I could just tip it, it would fall to the wall of the closet and then I could reach the top…assuming it didn’t fall sideways and land on me?? Any way, it worked. But after some consideration, my brother might be right when he hints I can be a little reckless when I decide to get something done RIGHT NOW!! I did find a few more of my cookbooks, and my Terry Pratchett books. And a few books that were not packed very well and got warped, which hurts my soul!!! LOL.

  6. Went to the pool to swim alone. Had to get back into the warm water after missing last Thursday. We’re having a heat wave: 72 degrees. Normal high is 42.

  7. My day is going pretty good just taking it easy today as I did too much yard work yesterday and I am really feeling it today my muscles are super sore.

  8. What a start to the week: My sister rang v. late last night – her front door wouldn’t open. She rang Michael, her landlord, who lives next door & he managed to fix it but it wouldn’t lock. Anyway, I was to take the niece into town to get the bus at 6.30 this morning so sis would be there for the repairman but my car’s battery died. Put it on charge & then was on hold for an hour trying to cancel a Dr.’s appt. What else? Oh, yes, the buyers have paid their deposit & contracts are being drawn up and the cat brought home HALF a crow. That’s it, I’m going back to bed 😉

  9. I think these glasses are pretty with their blue and green swirls: Set of 6 Hand Made Blown Glass Mexican Highball Glasses, “Elegant Energy”.

  10. Well it is back to work Monday….where do I begin.. sanitizing the aviary first then wash some windows and start changing the linens in the rooms for the holiday… put on the music!

  11. My day went very well. Got to have my 4-year old grandson stay over night, and while it is exhausting, it’s loads of fun.

  12. My day is going pretty good it has been one fast weekend. I did a ton of yard work today and I think I over did it raking the leaves because I can already feel it in my back.

  13. Brrr! Minus numbers the last couple of days and I’ve got a quarter tank of oil left. Don’t want to order more and have to leave it behind so wearing lots of layers, hat, scarf & gloves instead. Just the thought of going for a shower makes me shiver!

  14. Today is my daughters birthday and I remember it well those many years ago – waited 9 years after the birth of my son for another child and here she came! she is truly the light of my life….Champagne Cranberry Mimosas with breakfast!

    1. Much love & happy returns of the day to you, CJ. Don’t let your mother climb any trees or ladders after a bubbly breakfast!

  15. Argh…I really am not a fan of the cold. And I loved Winter when I was younger. I liked the fact that it didn’t get daylight so early. I liked snow. Now, I just hate having to go out in bad weather or having to turn heat on, which seems to aggravate my allergies. Grown-ups really are a grouchy bunch, lol.

  16. My day is going well so far. I’ve got to stop staying in bed so long in the morning. Had pumpkin pie for breakfast. Never get tired of that.

  17. They have so many unique items! I like this pitcher: Hand Blown Glass Pitcher 71 Oz Multicolor Mexican Art, “Confetti”.

  18. Tree is up and I must say it does look gorgeous. Today putting the creche in place ( the one I have is 70 years old it was my mum’s before me) the Christmas Village and if I have time a smaller tree in the gallery…But before all that I have to bake my daughter’s birthday cake for tomorrow – an elegant classic Chantilly with roses….

  19. I now have provisional booking for storage of furniture, removal of everything to the storage, the cat & outside pots. Now just waiting for a confirmation date from the legal crew. My sleep is all over the place and it’s gone really cold: close to zero for most of the week & we’re due a sprinkle of snow tomorrow! Looking forward to having a really garlicky pizza later now there’s no more viewings!

  20. A lovely day. First went to Sherrie’s house where I made deviled eggs and helped her make the gravy. Then we took the turkey, gravy and deviled eggs to her son’s house. I haven’t seen them for almost 2 years. Their son used to be little but now he’s 6 feet tall.

  21. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t like holiday weekends. They seem so long. Lol, I’m sure people who are off work do enjoy them, though.

  22. Time to take a breath! It’s all systems go (fingers crossed). If all goes to plan I’ll be out of here before Christmas EEK! Spent the morning making provisional bookings of storage facilities, removals etc. and trying to find somewhere to live … breathe, Kate, breathe … oh, and the cat and the plants …

    1. Are you a list person? Lol, I’d be making lists like crazy. Mostly because I can’t remember squat these days.

  23. Well yesterday we had no current – yes Thanksgiving but we did well – we still had music and great food and played cards instead of watching the US parades… one must move with the energy you get..

  24. Happy Thanksgiving! Busy day getting ready for a big dinner on Friday. Then my friend fed me salmon and asparagus and sweet potatoes.

  25. We;;, today was not too bad as far as ankle pain, so I’ll count it as a good day, lol. It’s been a quiet day, really.

  26. Happy Thanksgiving! Spent a somewhat relaxing day with my husband. Watched the parade & he’s been watching football.

  27. My day is going pretty good I am taking a little break right now from cooking and baking. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving God Bless.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving to you lot! Have a wonderful day! I don’t want to tempt fate but last night we got an offer of €320,000. They’re due to pay the deposit today so we’ll wait and see (not good at that at all!).

  29. To all here, wherever you live, I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving .. a day that goes beyond where you live t goes to your heart and the grateful feeling you have for the abundance of your life.. family, friends and the roof over your head and the food you eat – so many have so little….

  30. Quiet day at home before the busy next 4 days. It’s snowing! Just a little but sticking on the grass. It was 71 degrees yesterday… ha!

  31. My day went pretty good. Picked up pre made dinners for tomorrow. Its just easier for the two of us. I’ll jazz them up & make some deviled eggs. My cousin made us a pumpkin roll & we are trying to not slice into it tonight!

  32. My day is going pretty good just doing stuff around the house. I am going to head to the kitchen in a few minutes to start cooking some dishes for the holiday.

  33. Just got done in the kitchen.. made all the pies ( to share with my neighbours) pavlova and trifle and prep for tomorrow.. you would think I was having a big get together.. LOL. anyway I love doing it and brings me fond fond memories of Thanksgivings of previous years….

    1. Enjoy your day, Michele & CJ! We always had trifle at Christmas (sister hates pud). We made it in the glass door of a front loading washing machine! Dad never threw anything away!

  34. Had another viewing this morning. Offers stand at €315k and they’re cash buyers so there won’t be any hanging around. I’ve made an appointment with our solicitor to make my will, organised a local charity to collect unwanted furniture and got in touch with a local storage depot. Now I’ve changed into my jim jams and am going to curl up with Idris.

  35. My day has started out fine. It is still very dark here. I will get getting things ready for the Thanksgiving meal today.

  36. Novica has cute items! I like this set: Hand Blown Glass Colorful Juice Glasses (Set of 6), “Confetti Festival”.

  37. Well, getting really ill last night after dinner due to what seems to have been an issue with a pre-packaged bagged salad from the grocery, I decided to chuck the other bag, too. Lol. No thank you! No 2nd bout with that. Oh, well. I hate not being able to go into the grocery and pick out my own stuff. For the most part, groceries are doing pretty good with the pick-up orders, but sometimes I wish I could just tell them ‘if you wouldn’t put it in your cart, don’t put it in mine!’

    1. Oh yuck! I never buy the stuff – who knows where it’s been? Buying salad/fresh fruit/veg is hard when you’re free and single!

  38. My day is finally winding down. I’ve been up since 5 a.m because I had to take my mom to a special joint replacement class early. I put off taking a nap in hopes I’ll sleep all night but I’m sure it will backfire on me.

  39. Good swim with my friends. Did it today since the pool is closed for Thanksgiving. Then to the eye doctor to get my vision field tested. And then treated myself to Smashburger.

  40. My day is going pretty good just got in the door and am now taking a little break. This week is speeding by so fast I can’t believe it is already Tuesday and Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow I’m not ready yet.

  41. We just welcomed Sophie, our new feline overlord, into our household, I don’t think she’s two years old yet- and the poor dear is always hungry.

  42. Went out for a drive when the viewings were going on this morning. The agent rang saying that Idris, the Wonder Cat, was crying his head off. Told her where to find the cat food = One happy cat!

  43. I don’t drink highballs but I like these glasses : Multicolor Hand Blown Glass Highball Glasses (Set of 6), “Confetti Festival”.

  44. Well this begins my holiday prep and routine…The turkey goes into the fridge to start to thaw for Thursday and the sausage for the stuffing…Making the pie crusts to chill to bake tomorrow…then outside to do some transplanting…music is playing outside due to my wonderful daughter installing outsdie speakers in the garage/patio area.. am I blessed yes I am!

  45. Today started in the dark and is ending in the dark. Somehow the sun never came out from behind those ominous clouds. Stayed close to home.

  46. Had a bagged salad for dinner. Think it might have been in need of a recall…yeah, that’s how I spent the last hour. Not good!

  47. I had a much better day than the past few days. My migraine finally eased up. I was tired from all the meds I was taking to relieve it. Took a good nap and was able to enjoy relaxing & reading.

  48. My day is flying by so fast. I am getting a bunch of business done that I have been putting off and decided that today was the day I needed to get stuff done on the phone etc.

  49. Spent 1 hour in line to get into the bank. Spent 45 minutes in line in the bank. Spent 1 hour with the teller for 3 transactions that cannot be done online. From there went on to 5 shoppes and got back home by 2pm..I am pooped.. sitting here doing emails and having a glass of wine I deserve it!

      1. Connie they ask people to please do business online then why don’t they allow all transactions online? My rant continues I believe they have no feelings for the older people who have to go into the bak.. you observe them barely able to stand – on walkers – some as old as 85! For the love of God… I just wish someone would ask me ” How are we serving you”…..

  50. Their glassware is so pretty! I like this set: 2 Artisan Crafted Colorful Mexican Hand Blown Bowls Set, “Confetti Festival”.

  51. I woke up really early again. It’s 9am & the housework is done, breakfast eaten and I think I’ll go back to bed for a bit. Two viewings tomorrow morning.

  52. It’s gonna be a long Winter, y’all. That’s all. Just that it’s going to be a long Winter. And it hasn’t even really started. Heavy sigh…

  53. I’m on day two or maybe three of a ridiculous headache! Its not quite a migraine but enough to make me miserable! My mother in law surprised us today by ordering pizza for us so I could relax.

  54. I like this item: Hand Blown Colorful 8 oz Wine Glasses (Set of 6), “Confetti Festival”. The glasses are so pretty. They are made by by Javier and Efren in Mexico.

  55. I know it is early morning but the roast chicken is in the oven and the house smells so good… now for another coffee and a day of relaxation!

  56. I’m never going into town on a Saturday again. Absolutely jam packed – no wonder numbers are on the up again. After all that cleaning the bloody viewers didn’t show up and I dropped my glasses & broke them.
    Anyway, on the way back through the village I was flagged down: Henry, the pub owner’s pot-bellied pig, was on the loose! Now picture 6 of us trying to persuade a huge, old & very grumpy, pig back into his field. I got some muesli out of the shopping & he followed the trail! So funny, real laugh-out-loud funny!

  57. Its been a terrible day. I’ve been super tired. Woke up & spent most of the day with a migraine. Cashed in all my Amazon savings to order a door dash card to get something to eat.

  58. It’s a great day here – the sun is finally coming out and the family is here for a visit. We’ve got a lot to do in a short period of time but it’s wonderful that they’re here.

  59. My day is going pretty good just got in the door from doing some grocery shopping and it was crazy out there today. I usually try to get my shopping done before the weekend to avoid the crowds.

  60. Ever have those days when you feel like ‘why does this crap always happen to me????’ Lol, really, I think this kind of nonsense only happens to me on a freakin’ regular basis. I ordered a big canvas print done in pop art style of one of my niece’s NYC vacation photos, as a gift for her 18th birthday. Of course, when it arrived Friday it was completely wrong. They didn’t bother to do the pop art on it– they admitted they screwed up and say they’ll do it again, correctly, but I swear this stuff doesn’t happen to other people with the kind of regularity that it happens to me!!

  61. I planned on bathing the pooch today but it appears that the day will be dark, cool and rainy so that will have to wait..I will play with her today instead….

  62. UGH! Couldn’t stay awake last night so went to bed at 10pm. It’s now 7 in the morning & I’ve already been up an hour. It’s pitch black outside and cold as well. There’s only so much vacuuming I can do so I’ll clean windows & dust (again) then breakfast. Viewing at 2pm, click & collect groceries in town then the evening is my own.

  63. The day is going well. Hubby remembered our anniversary. He had a signed card for me on my laptop. I’d appreciate dinner out but pizza is fine.

  64. My day is going pretty good just staying close to home today. My new kitten is a handful he just destroyed my lampshade I am not a happy mama right now but I still love him.

  65. Viewings tomorrow Sat. & another on Tuesday. Then it’s decision time. All viewers are aware of the current bid and are still interested. It’s a balancing act as if we get offered over 320K the taxman will hit us really hard but then again, we need to get as much as possible. My brain is tired!

  66. The lunar eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis happened this morning here around 3-5am…I did not get up to see it! Lazy me…It is pouring rain so I plan on baking today…

  67. Good swim with friends. Then a trip INTO the grocery store. Still pretty scary for me but didn’t need enough to make the pickup cost.

  68. I still can’t get used to how early it gets dark, lol. I find myself looking outside, thinking ‘wow, it’s getting late.’ And I look at the clock and it’s just 4:30…

  69. My day is going pretty good just doing some yard work and getting stuff done before the rain hits. I am looking forward to more rain we so need it in our area.

  70. I’m trying to stay warm. It’s gotten cold, and I can’t seem to get rid of the “chill to the bone” feeling. Time for some hot chocolate and cozy time on the couch, with a book.

  71. It has been a chilly and rainy day today. I am curled up under my favorite blanket enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa!

  72. When this chapter of my life is over, the house sold, the move to fresh fields made, I may never do housework again!

  73. Trying to make a list for next weeks shopping and my taste and lists are champagne and right now the pocket is cheap beer! LOL

  74. It actually warmed up today…got up into the 60’s. Weird. Fall in Kentucky. Oh, well, I’ll take any warm up. I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for Christmas gifts, lol. My family has some of the most impossible people to buy for. Honestly, why can’t these people get some hobbies or obsessions???

  75. My day is going pretty good still trying to warm up it got so cold here over night. Now just doing stuff around the house and getting ready for the holidays.

  76. I spent most of the day putting together a cookie list and all the ingredients I need to buy. This year I’m making at least 3 different ones plus fudge & that will be everyone’s gift.

  77. Yesterday I rescued a stray cat, and introductions to my 14 year old cat went better than I expected, Fred seems to like his new sister Sophie.

  78. Another viewing this evening. I did think it was a daft time as it’ll be starting to get dark but then thought ‘Wait! That means the dust won’t show!’ Happy with that! One tomorrow morning and then another on Saturday.

  79. Have to hustle this morning – current going for maintenance of the lines – wait didn’t they do that Monday? I am confused .. LOL

  80. I woke up early for a phone appointment. I watched my baby grandson for a little bit and Then ran to Costco.

      1. That is literally the only good thing about Winter! Wait…also, I don’t have to shave my legs, lol. Not that I do that too often anyway…

  81. Your site keeps going down and up and down. Bummer.
    Had a lovely time doing outreach for the Horticulture group of the Gardens. We had 15 people at the Memory Cafe at the library for looking, touching different succulents and then they planted their own to take home.

  82. Today is going pretty good got to gab with some old friends earlier and that was nice. Now just doing stuff online and thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.

  83. My day is going great! Having a super relaxing day not caring if dishes are done or floors swept! I need this day off!

  84. The sun is shining. That’s always good. I plan to shop for Christmas cards, today. Had cauliflower crust pizza for dinner yesterday. I think today I will spoil myself a little.

  85. Got a phone call early this morning: The first set of viewers have upped their bid by €20,000 to our asking price. Three more viewings this week so we’ll wait and see. As for today, I’m sick of housework so none of that happening!

    1. That’s great! I hope you get competing bidders, lol. (I have never sold a house in my life, but I watch all the TV shows– competing bidders are the thing to have!!)

  86. I decided to clean the office yesterday – took all the furniture out, dissembled the computer etc.. then the current went! So had to relax until it came back and wound up working late in there – not a happy camper but glad the current came back in 4 hours!

  87. Went swimming today and the water was warm and there were only 4 other people in the pool, no kids. Stopped at Arby’s for their Bronco special since the Broncos scored a touchdown (but not much else)

  88. My day is going pretty good I got a ton done so far today. Just got home from running errands and grocery shopping trying to get home before the rain hits here.

  89. Its been a cold and yucky day. It doesn’t know if it wants to rain or snow. We’ve had it all so far today. They say maybe an inch of snow overnight.

  90. We’ve had an offer on the house from the first viewers. Lower than asking price but they’re still interested. Meanwhile, 3 more viewings so far booked for this week.

  91. I spent today cleaning the place top to bottom. (Tomorrow is the day the apartment managers ‘inspect’ lol.) Anyway, now my back hurts like crazy… Oh, well, place is clean.

  92. My day is going pretty well so far. I am having a nice quiet Sunday just watching The Crown and doing some stuff online hope you have a great day.

  93. What could be better than this on my Sunday morning – breakfast dishes done, pork roast in the oven with veggies, music on the stereo…a day filled with great music and good food and it is Sunday a nice single malt!!

  94. The list is closing in and there’s not a puff of wind out there. Better get the bins out while I can see what I’m doing! I’ve made a veggie mac & cheese for later – pure unadulterated comfort food 🙂

  95. It has been a super busy day for me today been doing a lot of cleaning and also trying to fix a DVD player think I finally got it working again.

  96. Its a cold & rainy day today. Think we might get snow later. I’m not ready but at least I got the windows sealed and winterized. I have the shovel & rock salt ready and snow brush in the car. Still need to get out my winter coats plus gloves, mittens & hats.

  97. Slept another 10 hours plus a nap yesterday! Just watched The Lord Mayor’s Show from London. It’s been an (almost) annual event since 1215 – can you imagine? Now laundry and housework 🙁

    1. EWWWWWW Soozle where are you located? We may get .05″ of snow tomorrow. SO weird for Idaho. I’m not complaining but we have been having nice 50 degree weather. No snow. I’m certain that Mother Nature will make up for it in December.

  98. I have to get out early and do some transplants.. tomatoes and eggplant…dead head some flowers and take some vines off a cashew tree.. then I just might play with the pooch for the rest of the day…

      1. Oh Connie easier said than done.. the nut is inside a swollen stem ( which is edible) than you have to use an oil to clean the nut and roast.. it is one helluva job.. I eat the fruit and once a year I do the nuts!!

  99. It is kind of warm out today and sunny and I am taking a break from cleaning. I have gotten a lot done just need to do some laundry next.

  100. My day is going perfect! Finally got my wiper blades changed so I’m ready for the next rain and/or snow storm! Errands done for the weekend I hope!

    1. My son Zachary said it’s 90 at the beach today. The pictures he sent, the sky was a brilliant blue. And with that I think I’ll go put on the electric throw and watch a Christmas movie and sulk. It’s 43 degrees.

  101. Back to vacuuming ceilings today…as I finish I have to vinegar the chandeliers and ceiling fans.. this I hate. always afraid of breaking something….

  102. Just had the first viewing – young couple with children & ties to the area. It’s a very peculiar feeling walking back in knowing that other people have been looking round your home! Now to get the cat’s dishes out of the oven where I hid them!

  103. It’s been so windy out there today…I hope it isn’t brewing up a storm. The weather today has been straight out of one of those movies where a witch blows into some unsuspecting town, lol.

  104. Honestly a bit of a weird day. I woke up to rain and went for a few errands in the rain. It did stop but the temps are getting cooler.

  105. My day was good. I took my nephew out to lunch for his birthday. I’m a big spender. I let him chose anything on Taco Bell’s menu.

  106. Heavy day for me today remembering a loved one on this Veterans Day. I spent a long time today at the National Cemetery.

  107. I had a nice and relaxing day for a change. I even took an hour nap! Now getting ready to throw dinner in the oven.

  108. After 14 hours sleep on Tuesday night, I went for a nap & slept another 3 hours and then another 10 last night! Not quite sure what’s going on! The house is now listed on websites & in local estate agent’s (realtors) offices so now the waiting begins. I’ve done all I can do.

  109. My day is going just okay so far I am so tired and need to turn in early tonight that’s for sure. Hope you have a nice night.

  110. After 2 solid hours of holding yesterday, and another hour talking with a representative, I finally got that government agency thing taken care of, lol. Geeze–I am not a fan of being on hold. I get it, though–so much has to be done by phone now and when the reps have to have some knowledge about what they’ll be talking about, they can’t just hire people off the street to answer phones. So, wait times are outrageous.

    1. 2 HOURS!?!? ohhhh that would put me in a bad mood. ALTHOUGH I seem to get a lot of housework done while I’m on hold. I just put the phone on speaker and dust, water plants, clean bathrooms…….. grumbling all the time.

      1. I was on the computer the entire time, entering every giveaway known to man…lol, maybe something will pay off.

  111. Today has been a bad day. A biopsy showed my leg wounds are highly infected….again. Back on antibiotics for me. Yay!

  112. Today has been a bad day. A biopsy showed my leg wounds are highly infected….again. Back on antibiotics for me.

  113. Not a bad day. Took my mom to do her errands. Bought new wiper blades only to discover I need someone taller than me to change them. I may have to climb on the hood to do it but needs to be done before it rains again!

  114. My arm is sore from the flu shot and the 3rd Pfizer vaccine I had yesterday. But if that was the worse thing to happen, I’d say I’m in luck.

  115. Lay on the bed watching the Great British Bake Off & have just woken up 14 hours later. 14 hours! I’ve decided that all I’m doing between now and the weekend is feeding the cat & myself. Might do a bit of potting up and collecting berries/seeds to plant & take with me. Let’s get this blood pressure down!

  116. today is one of those rain – sun days where just when you start to go outside the clouds come and rain starts.. well I have vacuuming ceilings to do and varnish touch-ups at this point I think I will more coffee and decide later…

  117. Early appointment at my dermatologist for yearly check up and zapping. Then infusion. It was handy to get both of them done the same day at the same place. Then grocery store. Cloudy and 45 degrees.

  118. My day has gone fine so far. I finished several important tasks from my to do list. It feels good to check things off the list!

  119. Here I sit on hold again with the same government agency. 3rd time in a week, first time held an hour and 15/20 minutes. Yesterday held 48 minutes and their phone went nuts and cut me off and didn’t work right when I called back. Today, I’ve been holding 30 minutes at this point… ?????????☠?????

    1. Sweet Jesus, hold me back! Is there an internet chatline available for the Department? I know that many of our Civil Offices are working remotely but I’ve never had to wait that long.

      1. Lol, it had to be on the phone–usually I do anything I can online. But they had to do an ‘interview.’ By the way, the interview was just the lady asking me questions I had already answered on the form they sent me, lol.

  120. My day is going great! I was able to get up and run all my errands before noon! Think these new iron tabs are working!

  121. My day is going well so far this morning. I have an appointment with my internist this afternoon. I’m not happy…getting a physical.

  122. Just got my BP results – it’s absolutely sky high! I’m completely flummoxed. I’ve never had high blood pressure before or any problems with it. Even when I was fast asleep it was higher than it’s ever been. Anyway, 2 lots of meds and a review in 3 weeks.

    1. I can’t help but think this is a build up of stresses in your life right now. And pain. For sh#@* sake, please sit down and just chill. No painting the roof or weeding the driveway or digging up a new well today, Kate!!! ??

    2. I agree with Tammi – all the work you always do – stress – time to check yourself and relax and take good care of yourself…

      1. That’s the bit I don’t understand – very little difference between doing virtually nothing and vigorous vacuuming. And yes, I plan on doing as little as poss. for the next few days.

  123. Tomorrow is a friends birthday – so this morning I must make her a very pretty pink cake! After that who knows?

  124. Well, I cleaned out the bagless vacuum today. Yes, they do pick up better but they can be a pain–you think no bag means you save money, but it means dust just gets all up in the hose and in the filter and in the dust compartment and gets nasty. Once in a while you gave to strip it down and clean it–it’s so messy, I have to take it outside.

  125. Today I am attempting a new recipe. I received some new cookbooks and promised my husband at least one new recipe from them a week. Today it is Swedish meatballs. There are a few extra seasonings that I hope aren’t essential like nutmeg & dill…I do have allspice so should be ok. There wasn’t any fresh dill at Wal-Mart yesterday & forgot to stop at Wegmans.

    1. We use to do that in our house, we called it “Stay or Go” night. Everyone had a vote if it goes in the regular rotation or not. It was fun. I just did a new recipe I found on Instagram, it has Parmesan Garlic Buffalo sauce and cream cheese, chicken and more fresh grated parmesan cheese. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

  126. Do you honestly want to know? We have bills we cannot pay this month because the criminals at Medicare here in Washington State took $400 out of my husband’s SSI check with no advanced warning. I woke up this morning with a sore shoulder.

  127. Time to clean the grooved ply ceilings today.. arghhh.. starting with the kitchen and the dining room then out to sanitize the aviary.. tomorrow the drawing room! This always takes me days to do…

      1. Connie you should have known me in my heyday… when I was 18 I was at uni, got married, worked a part time job.. LOL…

  128. I don’t drink tequila, but I think these glasses are pretty: Handcrafted Blown Glass Tequila Shot Glasses (Set of 6), “Confetti Path”.

  129. One of those days where I am constantly doing something, yet getting nothing done, lol. Maybe I’ll give up…or just keep fiddling around until something actually gets accomplished.

    1. Tamra, my craft room looks like a bomb exploded in here. I have started 5 different projects STARTED and left them to START something new and the mess is so overwhelming that I just wanna go upstairs and ignore it all.

  130. Went to Sage Singers rehearsal for the first time in 18 months. They were having tryouts for 2 people wanting to be our new director. I wanted to see this in person. Both were good, but one was outstanding so I think I got to see the new director.

  131. I’m exhausted! Just did my big shop for the month and can’t believe how expensive food has got in just the past few months! Had to stock up on a bunch of pantry items and went a little over budget.

    1. It’s stupid ridiculous how much everything has gone up. We need to do our stock up soon, we’ve been really lucky that we haven’t had any snow yet. We are really pushing our luck with getting stocked up before it hits. UGH!!

    1. Pain related possibly?? If your in pain, your bp would go up, right? Could it be your gallbladder or your hip pain or a combo of both? I’ve worn monitors for heart when I was sick (fortunately it wasn’t a heart thing.) If this is anything like that, it’s a minor annoyance but at least you get answers.

  132. Glorious Sunday! I plan on totally relaxing today with my book – some light jazz and coffee then wine!

  133. My day is going fine so far. It is cold and dark now . Remember to move your clocks back an hour for Daylight Savings time (if you live where it is used) if the clocks are not digital and adjusted automatically!

  134. Today has been a great day. No doctors appointments. Just a relaxing Saturday of movie watching and deep dives into YouTube rabbit holes.

  135. My day has gone fine so far. I have had very early starts the last few mornings. Part 1 of my big project is finished. Now on to Part 2!

  136. Nice relaxing Saturday! Had planned on finally taking the air conditioner out but I’m ok its still in the window. Put my grocery list together for tomorrow & that’s about it!

  137. I’m becoming soppy in my old age, lol. I’m actually considering watching a few of those Hallmark Christmas movies. They are sooooo soppy sweet and well, Christmasy, lol. I’ve never watched them but several family members are addicted to them. They all have the same plot, I think. Maybe I need a little Christmas soppiness in November.

    1. The plots are always the same agreed but the locations and the set design decorations are so lovely – I love them!!

  138. I said I was going to rest today but my mother in law was running low on necessities and couldn’t wait until Sunday. Wasn’t too bad just made sure I didn’t rush plus made her happy with some Archway Molasses cookies!

  139. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing some major grocery shopping and am taking a break after putting it all away.

  140. I like my morning sleep… but not today. A phone call woke me at 6, then my teens decided to make their morning routine extra loud about an hour later, and it’s just been never ending since then. But, at least I’m in a great mood. 🙂

    1. Very glad you are pain free.. the start-up is only postponed. thank positively it will be up and running before you know it!

      1. I know it will. Even though we insist on double vax we do have some very vulnerable members (motor neurone, parkinson’s, dementia, elderly) so can’t expose them to the risk.

  141. It’s cold and I’m already fed up with it. Geeze, I’ll never get through Winter if I can’t stand Fall.

  142. So good to be back to my regular swimming pool and see my friends again. Water was warm and welcoming. Sun is shining.

  143. Spent a nice relaxing day trying to feel better. Forgot to take something out of the fridge so cashed in $25 I had stashed in my Amazon account for Dominos.

  144. The gallstones started playing up again last night so I went to the Dr. first thing. He was able to give me a painkiller shot & anti-spasmotic meds. Feel a lot better now & will contact my consultant when I’ve had a rest.

  145. Tomorrow is grocery day so I better get my list in order – food prices it has been reported have really gone up so lets see what I will have to leave on the shelf!

  146. I spent over an hour and 20 minutes yesterday on hold (waiting for a government agency) and then another 30 trying to get the info I needed…and still have to call back. Criminy. Why is it so impossible to get a person who can answer simple questions at these places??? So frustrating.

  147. My day is just starting. Plan on taking it easy with a quick trip to get some butter and visit my mother in law. I may take out the air conditioner but doubt it.

  148. Well took the morning off yesterday and had my neighbor cut down a few trees for me and then we walked the land…went to all the borders and by the time we got back I felt like I walked miles and miles…

  149. The photographer was here for ages yesterday. Thankfully the weather was lovely. She took lots of photos & a 360 degree video tour of house and garden. I had something to eat & went to back to bed with Idris the Wonder Cat.

  150. My day is going okay. Just a little stuffed up and hoping I feel better quickly because I have a trip to Jamaica coming up. Yeah other than that, nothing exciting haha

  151. My day has been long and tiring. Our local food bank was having a “Thanksgiving box” pick up. Waited in the line (in our car) for over an hour only to be given boxes that had absolutely no resemblance to Thanksgiving! I’m not complaining because some stuff is useful but we did kind of expect a turkey & maybe a box of stove top,etc. Thank goodness the Elks Club is giving out free dinners.

  152. My day is going okay just having a lot of computer problems or should I say the people who run by browser are having a lot of problems today.

  153. Well, my husband is in the hospital so I need to go up there soon to visit. I didn’t see him yesterday at all. I had to take the day off work.

  154. MY day so far has gone pretty good for me, although I was not able to get the things I wanted done because
    of my back, this did not keep me from smiling and being happy.

  155. My day is going pretty good so far it’s hard to believe it is already November 1st. We had a pretty quiet Halloween just watched scary movies and ate candy and treats it was nice.

  156. Trying to get all the first of the month stuff done today… I always feel like I’m forgetting something. Fingers crossed that I’m not, lol.

  157. Having a good Monday after Halloween! It was so fun – so many kids out tricking or treating in our neighborhood this year!

  158. Oh Connie, I spent the night doubled up with pain from my gallstones. Managed to get back to sleep & woke around lunchtime. Headed into town for a click & collect grocery run and the pain started again. It seems to have settled down a bit now so I’m going back to bed.

    1. Oh MAN Kate! I am so sorry!! I had my gallbladder removed when Zachary was just a month old……… so 41 years ago. Back when they did everything the messy way. My scar goes from the top of my ribs to my belly button. It’s a nasty scar. That pain is the WORST!!! I am so sorry!!

  159. Happy Fall to all! I thought I left a reply, but can’t find it. I was telling you that my 12 year old granddaughter’s initials are PBJ and she loves that. I also revealed how old we are, so if that should go ahead and show up I won’t post it again?. Have a great November!!!

  160. Happy Fall! I really enjoy your PB and Whine. My granddaughter’s initials are PBJ and she loves that! It’s hard to imagine that we graduated 50 years ago…..don’t ban me for that comment?. Have a wonderful November. P.s. love your pictures too.

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