How To Uplift Employees During Social Distancing Work Life

Now that we are in this pandemic and social distancing has become the norm, employee morale is sharply in focus. We want them to be safe, so they have to sit apart from each other. Socializing has become a chore and downright awkward. If you want to speak to people, you have to raise your voice, but doing so will increase the chances of spreading potential bacteria and or virus molecules. So bosses are left scratching their heads, as to how on earth can they make their workspaces tolerable and enjoyable once more? We have the solutions for you!

A buffet on a MondayMondays are the worst days for many people. We’re tired, and have low patience for things that annoy us. That’s why stopping during the day to literally have a buffet is going to boost your employees’ morale is so unexpected. If you’re searching for the perfect company gifts for employees, then you need not look further than this delicious ham gift certificate. This is premium ham and is smoked to perfection. Just imagine your employees being able to get their very own high-quality ham for their families without having to pay anything!? It’s a great gift, especially during Halloween, Christmas or New Year. A ham like this can also be ordered for your office as most popular supermarket chains are in on the deal.

Watching a movie

You should realize, as their boss, you have the right to demand they turn up to work. And even if they feel scared, you have the right to fire them. So, understand that the employees coming into the office might feel like you don’t care about them and that the almighty dollar is the only thing you care about. Social anxiety can quickly turn into mob anger so, let’s try to give our employees something to enjoy while at work. During the lunch hour or perhaps at the end of the day, you can host a movie that everyone can enjoy together. Social distancing is in effect, but you can give everyone a bowl of popcorn and some snacks. It brings everyone together, you hang out and the office doesn’t feel so tense anymore.
fist bump

Giving out awards

During the pandemic, good and bad memories are being made. We have been through tough times but we have also been uplifted by human kindness and friendship. One of the things that could become a very nice memory is giving out awards to your employees. If one staff member has worked hard at home, give them a ‘remote worker of the month’ award. If someone has been working in the office and doing overtime, give them the ‘hardest worker’ award. You can order some personalized awards, and make fun of the virus on the design. Make it a cartoonish and fun design, so employees know it’s all in jest.

Uplift your employees during this tough time and you will get them to work all the way towards Christmas and beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity to wow them, relax them and please them, to boost morale.


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