How Online Streaming Services Are Better Than Cable TV

It has been predicted that online streaming services would soon usurp cable TV for some time, and now that is turning true. More people are now paying for fast channel streaming services as compared to traditional TV services. As long as these streaming services provide top talent and quality content, it will be hard for cable TV to take back its place. Many people need an internet connection at their homes even if they use cable TV. It will help you reduce cable bills if you watch your favorite shows by connecting your TV to an online streaming device. This article will give insight into why streaming services are better than cable or satellite television. Begin by finding the best satellite internet provider in your area, as you will need a reliable internet connection, then you just need to pick something good to watch!

Streaming Services Are Easy To Access:

You will need a smart device or television connected via the internet to start streaming; no cable or dishes are now necessary. People can now enjoy their favorite shows in the comfort of their homes and watch it on-the-go koretrak

To watch cable TV, you may need a converter box, a cable or satellite box, and all these things make it hard to use it. There are many free and cheap internet streaming options available, and you can save your money by ditching your television subscription

Apple TV

Interactivity And Use Cases:

Online streaming opens up new monetization opportunities. Some content creators generate revenues from ads, subscriptions, and pay-per-view services, and other means. One of the examples includes Peloton, an exercise equipment distributor. They sell a product and service both tied into one, like an exercise stationary bike equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen. This bike allows users to stream live and on-demand exercise classes through a monthly subscription service. Through products like this, Peloton manages to secure big-time purchases and small, subscription-based revenue simultaneously. 

Traditional broadcasting seems stuck in one-way communication. Television streaming can give you information like an invitation for viewers to vote or win a prize.

Adjusting The Video Quality:

Cable television stations offer their channels both HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition). Viewers can select any mode of quality they would like, or the service might automatically select an HD broadcast. 

In online streaming, viewers can select the quality of the video according to available internet resources. This option allows viewers flexibility, and they can switch the quality up and down whenever their connectivity changes.

Global Scalability:

Traditional television broadcasts are often just limited to regional viewership based on the providers. On the other hand, you need an internet connection to view online broadcasting from almost anywhere in the world.

Some live streaming services like Sling TV and Youtube have geographically based limitations because of government restrictions. Still, it doesn’t decrease the value of online streaming services that deliver global content worldwide. Excellent streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu are at the top of the market and have viewers worldwide.

Streaming Alternatives To Cable:

Paying a monthly bill for your cable can sometimes become difficult. The cost often seems extreme compared to the value. With time people are shifting towards online streaming services rather than using cable or satellite television. If you have to go to work or someplace urgently, you can miss your favorite TV show, but by using streaming services, you can access the shows at any time. Here are some great streaming alternatives to cable channels.


From how-to techniques to viral videos, and unique content by creators, Youtube offers it all. It is a free video-based entertainment channel. You can gain access to professional-quality programming in every genre. 


Netflix is one of the top leading streaming services. It is easily accessible and affordable and can be connected to Netflix by any internet-connected device. You can gain access to the original series and movies. You have the option of creating multiple viewer profiles from a single account; this way, you can make separate lists of each household member.


It is one of the best entertainment online streaming services and is affordable compared to cable and satellite television. You can watch local channel shows and cable networks as well, along with the original content.


  • heather

    This was super informative to read and I agree that online streaming has a lot of benefits over cable television. I can not stand all the commercials on cable tv.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I just don’t watch enough tv to warrant paying for it. I use an Irish free satellite service that gives me all the UK channels as well.

  • Laura

    We have multiple streaming services and my husband still insists on paying for cable. Drives me crazy lol. If it were up to me, we would for sure get rid of it.

  • Leela

    Streaming services are great. I love being able to pick and choose what I want. I haven’t had cable in over 12 years and would never go back.

  • Joanna P

    I have Prime Video, Hulu (because it’s free with Spotify premium), and Viki (an Asian streaming service). I was so happy to not have to pay for cable anymore when I moved to my new place!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I use a few streaming services but I tried dropping cable for Sling and I just got fed up with it. There were glitches. I’d be in the middle of watching something and it would shut off and return to the Home page. I gave up on it and went back to cable…which has its own issues, lol.

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