8 Things You Should Know About Starting A Business

So, you’ve decided that you’re cut out for business – how exciting!

Starting up on your own is a huge deal, but there are plenty of things about business life that may not occur to you when you get started. Every single business in any industry comes with ups and downs, and while your business can give you a lot of freedom, there are some issues you will come across in your first couple of years.

Almost everyone can start a business, but the challenge is in keeping it going. It takes a lot of work to continue a business after you get started, but despite the fact that plenty of businesses fail before they can really get moving, you can still make sure that you will never be a part of that statistic. So, with that in mind, here are eight things that you should know about starting your own business.

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  • It may not be an instant success – and that’s okay. The key isn’t in whether it will be immediately successful, but in how much effort you put into it to make it a success. Too many people believe that they’re going to start a business and be immediately successful, where others are still looking to compare bookkeeping prices and take their time to get this right. You could be an instant success, but if you’re not it doesn’t mean that you’re an instant failure. Start off as strong as you can and then keep that momentum going. Success will come in time.
  • You need to invest in Google Analytics. You need to know who’s viewing your website if you want to know your audience. Without the data analyzed for you, you have your work cut out! Analytics does so much more than show you how many visitors you have to your site, too. Analytical data shows you your trends, and you need to know these trends in order to give your customers what they want. Once you can appeal to your customers, you’re going to be able to make your business successful.
  • Positivity is so important when you want to ensure business success. So many people start out in business with high expectations, and keeping a positive outlook is hard. No one tells you that it’s hard to stay positive when business is slow. Your expectations can remain high even if you haven’t reached business success just yet. There are always going to be times where your business isn’t working the way that you thought, but you have to look at the bright side as much as possible, and you should consider how you can motivate yourself to ensure your business is more positive.

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  • You need to budget bigger for marketing. No one will tell you how much money you’re going to spend on marketing because it’ll scare you off! Marketing is far more than what you put in your online PR strategy, and you need to consider putting cash into SEO, digital marketing strategies and more ways you can grow your organic traffic. If you ensure that you do all of this, you can boost your marketing and ensure that your business is seen. Of course, there are plenty of marketing ideas out there that are free, but you have to invest to be a little more successful than your competition. Anyone who chooses not to use your business is going to end up with your competition. With the right marketing budget, you can ensure that you don’t fail!
  • You have to do more to understand your target market. It’s something you should know, but most business owners have considered the data but not the customer personally. Although you could think that your products and services are far superior to everyone else out there, you wont know if that’s true unless you actually speak to your audience. Get to know your customers properly and you’re going to be able to understand them on another level. You will better be able to align the customers with the current trends when you get to know them better.
  • You cannot underestimate the need for social media – so allow it in the workplace. Yes, your employees need to concentrate, but social media access is imperative, so broker a deal. Think about telling your employees that they can have unrivalled access to social media as they work, as long as they’re happy to post about your business on the business pages once a day. Ask everyone to come up with a content piece to add to your social media, and they are then allowed to be online. So many companies know that maintaining a social profile is smart but they don’t utilize their own employees! If you use yours, you’re going to have a working social profile every single day.
  • Blogging is so much more than you think. We talked about content being important from your staff, but your blogs and vlogs need to be thickened out so that you can improve the way your business is viewed from the outside world. Without blogging, you’re not going to be as popular as you think. Share your blog and make sure that people know where they can come for collaboration – don’t discount what a good blog can do for your business.
  • There will be competition out there and no matter what you do, someone will try to copy what you do. They’ll never match up to you if you put effort into ensuring that they don’t. You need to be aware that being online means that you’re competing with a much bigger pool of people, and that requires you to know how your sales are going and know that you are offering people something more. Get to know your competition properly, and you’ll have a head-start in what you offer next.

Lastly, you need to be driven – but not all the time. Being driven means that you need to hire a team that’ll work with you as well as for you,  so that you can work this as a team. Teamwork makes that dream work!


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