How ya’ doin’?

Today, I thought I would write a reminder post. Well, not a reminder as much as a public service message. I was raised on a farm in Colorado, people who live in the country will talk to everyone!! Now 34 years later I still start conversations anywhere, with anyone. Really, why not. You NEVER know if this will be your next BBF. (That would be Best Bud Forever).  It could happen! Right? Really, what’s the worst that can happen? Yes, they could run screaming down the hall arms flailing calling you a crazy person OR you could find a new friend.

In one week, think about all the different people you come in contact with. Today was an excellent example, I just met the greatest lawyer in Vero Beach. I came home and googled him, sure enough! He really is a lawyer.  Then, not an hour later I’m standing in the check out line at Walmart, I met an interesting  lady with a wicked funny sense of humor. We laughed the entire time we stood in line. (BTW! WHY is there only one check out lane open at lunch time??)  This lady and I hit it off immediately, like I’ve known her my whole life!  She was funny, smart and BONUS she had a toddler approximately the same age as Alice. I SHOULD have asked for her phone number!!  Dang it! Now, I’m kicking myself!  I may have missed out on a future play date for Alice, this kid needs to hang out with kids her own age. NOT to mention THIS NaNa could use some adult conversation too!! Seriously, I adore hanging out with Alice everyday, but she’s in the ‘why’ stage. A zillion questions a day that starts with WHY?? is exhausting!!

So, this is my public service announcement: Say Hi!! Start a conversation. If you really hit it off with the person ask for their number. You just never know. Need more idea’s on how to get yourself some new friend?  WikiHow has 24 Ways To Make Friends. It’s definitely worth reading.

BTW, please don’t go running, screaming with flailing arms, it scares the children and I’m basically harmless.  HONEST!! Just ask my Mom AND Alice, they’ll vouch for me!!  But, don’t ask my children. They lie.


  • megan tilley

    How you dooooing? Sometimes, I am good at making small chat with others and sometimes I become too shy. I am not sure why that happens.

  • David Smith

    Cool idea. Most people anymore, won’t talk with anyone else they don’t know. I find that I am more talkative the older I get. I guess when I was younger, I thought more about people not liking me or just was shy. Now I don’t care what people think of me and I just start a conversation if I notice someone nearby.

  • Stacey A Smith

    never been good at talking to people maybe that is why I have no friends ? but the few times I tried to make friend I was told that I was boring so no one wanted to be my friend.I don’t care I have my books to read.

  • Jill McHale

    Such a great post. I was always terribly shy but I gave birth to a TRUE extrovert. My daughter has forced me to come out of my shell. She has been such a blessing in so many ways 🙂

  • Seyma Shabbir

    I am doing good! I live in Raleigh NC but I have lived and traveled in different States and countries. My dad was in the Army!

  • Sarah L

    I’ve met some interesting people that way. Never hurts to try. (didn’t know you were from Colorado, learn something new every day)

  • Shannon

    LOL, when I saw the post title I was reminded of the whole “How youuuuuuuuuuu doin'”/Joey/Friends. Anyhow I hate talking to people. I know it is bad but I hardly ever start conversations with anyone, unless it is online. I have had such bad luck in relationships I tend to not even try to talk to anyone unless I have to.

  • Jan Lee

    I used to talk to people all the time, being a social worker makes you a gregarious person 🙂 However, after being a cashier for years at department stores and grocery stores, I realized that not everyone wants to have to say hello or be friendly. Alot of people are on their own time schedule and really don’t have time to talk. When I realized that some people would just rather get the job done quickly so they can be on their way, I focused more on my speed with their orders and being correct so they could feel good about shopping at the store. I think those type people appreciated my efforts more in that area than chit chatting with them while checking out their merchandise. I was always friendly, but I could tell those certain people that just wanted the job done and over with 🙂

  • Robert Brown

    My wife is fantastic at doing this. I don’t think that there is a cashier in our hometown that hasn’t had a conversation with her.

  • Deanna Middendorf

    I do this too. I sometimes start elevator chat just to watch people squirm! I used to work in a 10 story building and got to know a lot of nice people that way.

  • Kelly

    That made me giggle. I agree, our world has gotten to be so unsocial. People in line, at restaurants, etc.. all sit with their phones and don’t look up. In addition everyone is in such a hurry. I too can get caught up in all the craziness, so thanks for the reminder. I promise, no running away from people screaming 😉

  • Jessica Dow

    Hi, my name is Jessica. This week my husband and I along with our kids are moving to Ecuador as missionaries with our closest friends. You can find more information about our ministry and our move to Ecuador at our website We will be posting updates weekly.

  • donna stewart

    Y’all “country folks” sound just like us southerners. I’m really a shy person. Don’t try to get me to stand in front of a group of people to talk. Nope. Can’t do it. But, get me in the grocery store, have a telemarketer call me, etc. I can talk up a storm. My husband doesn’t understand how I can just start talking to people. That’s why he doesn’t take me when he sells a flooring job. But, he likes to take me when he’s installing. I keep the people out of his hair. LOL.

  • Connie Lee

    This is an interesting way to make new friends. Sometimes, if I’m having to wait at a doctor’s appointment, or wait in line somewhere, I do engage in some conversation with the person next to me to help pass the time.

  • Brandi Dawn

    Hi!!! lol, Cute post and SOO true!!! Im a talker too. I get my feelings hurt when I say random things to people to try and get a smile and they give me the “why are you talking to me, I dont know you” look. Ha.

  • Olesia Flegka

    Making friends is easier when you’e a kid) It’s harder to just talk to people when you get older. So I’ll definitely try those tips…

  • Stephanie Phelps

    I am from the south and I will talk to most anyone.; I can remember my first Christmas without my family and well I am in this long line so I tried to start a conversation with the couple behind me you wold have thought I had a disease or something. Anyway it did not stop me I kept right on talking to others anyway and sometimes just a smile says a lot!

  • Nancy C

    Thanks for the link on how to make friends…. I have 2 toddlers and hardly get out except to go to the park with them. I tend to be too shy to talk to people that I don’t know, so I’ll have to look at the tips on WikiHow.

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