How You Can Keep Focused On Your Work Pretty Easily

Whatever you do in life, you want to do it with quality and with speed – well, most things anyway. They say in business that time is money, and if you can get a lot of top-class work done quickly and efficiently, then you’re going to be in a much better position than if you amble. That’s easier said than done, though, right? Everybody wants to earn money as quickly as possible while completing every task that’s ahead of them. Saying you’ll do such a thing is one thing, but actually doing it is an entirely different kettle of fish. People are flawed and a little lazy at times; most of us never really achieve everything we want. 

Keeping focused is difficult for most people in general – especially nowadays, thanks to all of the distraction pieces available like social media. Keeping focused when you’re trying to run a business, though? That can be even more difficult – especially when the pressure is on. Many crumble and look to procrastinate in order to satisfy their thirst for calm. 

Work still needs to be completed, however, and we all need to be able to work on what WE’RE good at. Going through life doing jobs that we suck at is no way to live, and it’s not the way to get things done efficiently. Here are a few ways you can make sure you can focus on your work as you look to take a business venture higher up:  

Make A Firm Plan For Everything

When there’s a borderline systematic approach towards things, that’s when people can get things done quickly and efficiently. It might take away the freedom, fluidity, and autonomy of everyone involved, but it’ll allow everyone to work hard on the things they’re good at. Making a plan shouldn’t be too tedious – perhaps sitting down on a Sunday night and writing everything out is the way forward.

Bring In Competent People

Well, this is pretty obvious, but we’ll mention it anyway. If you have employees that are able to do their job properly, then you’ll have no worries about those particular tasks. They’ll be able to work independently, and their initiative will see them through. 

Hire External Help

Those within your business will help you out a lot, but so too will any firms that are on the outside looking in. You can solicit help from pretty much every area of business if you’d like to. You can bring in consultants in order to help you with the current stages, or you can work with firms like Shockley Books in order to manage the money. You can even find independent workers all over the world that are looking for work – if you need any dull, tedious admin work done, then you can find virtual assistants all over the internet. 

Keep Energized

Finally, if you have lots of energy, then you’re going to be in a better position in terms of getting things done. Eat enough in the morning, keep hydrated, and get enough sleep. You’ll be slow, turgid, and moody without those three things – you know it as well. 


  • Tamra Phelps

    I’m a list person, too, like Kate. I really like the feeling of getting to cross things off as they’re done, lol.

  • Mary Gardner

    I find that I do become distracted fairly easily but do much better with a list. I make a must get done list daily and an as soon as I can list weekly. Once my daily list is crossed off I work through the weekly list a little each day.

  • Rosie

    I wonder how much profit businesses lose because employees aren’t focused, I think it is more than they would imagine, esp bigger companies with flex time, they have no idea when people are there, not there, working, etc. I see many people from my old company are on social media all day, a huge distraction for them. These are good tips for a person to self-regulate and manage to accomplish great things, and at the end of every day, you can say wow! I got so much done!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’m one of those ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of people! Like the time we cleared the garage & attic. I could have done it in spurts over a week but I know I can’t work like that; I get too distracted, bored or something else gets in the way. So I blast my way through everything in 48 hours then collapse in a heap!

  • Crystal K

    Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? That’s one of the ways I stay focused day-to-day. Basically, short bursts of work with very short 3-5 minute breaks interspersed.

  • Tamra Phelps

    True. Hire competent people. Don’t hire your second cousin’s grandson just because he needs a job, lol. Hire people who can and will do their jobs!

  • Diane Brimmer

    Great read! Lots of things to think about. I am running my granny’s daycare for some of my grandkids. Really keeps me on my toes. The planning is hard for me to stay focased on but well worth the looks on those little faces when we do them together. They love to create new things and to take them home to mom and dad. Thanks for the information.

  • Rosie

    These are good ideas. I think boredom at work and the surrounding distractions can cause people to not be focused and then be much less productive. Even cubicles are being done away with, and studies show people don’t like the noise level of a completely open work space; also, most workplaces allow people to access at minimum certain sites while working, such as news, etc. I know many ppl who use their own smartphone all day at work, on FB, etc. If you work at home, different distractions. I find having a daily “must do” list helps, then have other lists for things not “must do” that day, so that there is no excuse to not get done the “musts.”

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