Hurricane by L. Ron Hubbard

WOOOHOOOO!!!  Guess who just got another shipment of L.Ron Hubbard books on CD?!?!  Oh yea!! It’s ME!!  These are the coolest stories! When I’m in the car I always have a book on cd playing. It’s just about the only way I get to read a book anymore.  Golden Age Stories is actually so much more entertaining than a regular book on tape.  Each story is acted out……. think of old time radio. Each story has multiple cast members reading, with all the sound effects you need to transform yourself into the scene.  From footsteps to water crashing!!  
Hurricane by L. Ron Hubbard

Today I present to you: Hurricane.  Captain Spar is wrongfully accused and sentenced to Devil’s Island prison.  Captain Spar makes a daring escape with  vengeance on his mind!!  He will find and kill the man who framed him, the infamous Saint!  Captain Spar is bitter and angry at the world. Rightfully so, I might add.  But, the beautiful and alluring Peg Manering  helps Captain Spar save himself and others.  

YES, Hurricane has it all!! Intrigue, adventure and a love story to boot!! 

Once again…. L.Ron Hubbard draws you into the story!! This is the an awesome set!! I hope you’ll check them out and come back next week for the next book “Trouble on His Wings” 

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.


  • Veronica Lee

    With so many distractions around me, I don’t have the luxury of curling up with a good book and reading it from cover to cover. I love listening to an audio book while I’m doing the chores and Hurricane sounds like a great pulp fiction mystery.

  • Karen Glatt

    I like reading books with stories like this. I would like to read this book to see what happens. I am going to look for it. I like the intrigue and mystery that this book has. Thanks for sharing!

  • ann

    I am like you it is easier to listening to a book on CD then find the time to sit and be able to read with out someone bugging you for something. I love mysteries so I would like this one. The next one
    Trouble On His Wings sounds good too.

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