I don’t THINK soooo!!

So… I’d like to share this email from my darling daughter Selena (You know… the one we will from now on refer to as the INSANE ONE!! I love you Selena! But you are NUTS?!?!

Mom, Guess what you and Dan are doing together in January?? Yep, I bought my running slot a long time ago and thought I would be good for it by now but it looks like I won’t be. Better get training. It will be a ridiculously rewarding achievement.

Please don’t say no. Dan will be walking and jogging it. I will be there as moral support.

It’s 13.2 miles, typically you should be up to 6 miles a day around November then move it up to at least 9 miles by race day. Do NOT buy new shoes for the race. If you need new shoes get them now.

Dan and you could do a test run 2 weeks before.

It’s not a race you have plenty of time. You CAN DO THIS. I want you to do this for yourself. I can provide you with training stuff and there is plenty of information on the web site.

My first, second, third and FOURTH reactions is a RESOUNDING NO!!! No, thank you. No way. NO!! NOT gonna do it!! After a visit with Selena, she assures me I do NOT have to RUN the entire thing. I can walk/jog it. So my fifth reaction is ummm I dunno..(no!)… I’ll think about it. Ohhhhh wait!! I think that’s the weekend I have the flu!!!

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