Much better!!

Today was a much better day. I had a great motivating phone call with Tyler at WellStrong Fitness. That combined with the messages, comments and emails from everyone reading I’m feeling much better. I thank you all so much for the pep talks!! You guys are all AWESOME!!!

It’s amazing how much better compliments will make you feel! People I haven’t seen in a while have noticed the weight loss…. that’s a great boost…. that and presents. Presents always good! Especially jewelry!! My dear friend Nanci sent me a beautiful pearl necklace. She is an amazing jewelry designer. Handmade with Aloha So between the compliments on the new hair do…. my weight loss … I’m sportin’ new jewelry! How can you NOT have a good day???

I can NOT get a good shot of my new necklace. It’s just the softest shades of pink, blues and cream. It’s just beautiful!!! Thank you NAN!!!

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