Week 11

I’m having such a hard time this week. It’s one of those turning point weeks where I would say “ya know what? I’m done!” I am so grateful I was chosen to be part of the Channel 10 Half Year Challenge because this blog and this Challenge is the only reason I don’t throw up my hands and say “AHHHH the heck with it! 15 pounds is good enough!” I feel like the obstinate child…. having a little temper tantrum. I don’t know what triggered this little pity party …..bad mood….. I can’t even think of what to call it.. I’m unmotivated…. I’m moody. (OHHH woe is me. I can hear the violins now!)

Anyway, here is the blah blah blah part, my weekly progress report. I stayed exactly the same. I am happy I didn’t gain. And pouty that I couldn’t have at least lost a half pound, that would have been nice. (ohhhh don’t I sound like a spoiled little kid?!?! Well, phffffffttttt!! I soooo should have lost at least that!!!)

I didn’t do any evening exercising. I did walk with Kaki in the mornings. I weighed myself with my vest on today and it weighs in at 28 pounds! It’s amazing to me that at one time I carried that much weight around and then some!!
Okay I’ve giving my self tonight to finish playing pouty girl…..

Tomorrow starts a whole new week. Complete with no more whining! (Okay I mean like no whining tomorrow! Not never. Cause really? HELLO!!?! That’s asking for an awful lot!!)

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