I don’t wannnnnnna……..

Well, the holiday vacation is over. (I don’t wannnnna go back to work!!! I like VACATIONS!!!) DH took me to see Sherlock Holmes today GREAT movie!! That was a perfect way to end the weekend. But now, it’s time to get back into my routine. I’m working on laundry, the house is cleaned up. I’m even planning on getting to bed early, 6:00am comes wayyyyyy to early when you’ve been sleeping in. I really need to get back into my walking/exercise routine! Yes, that does mean I got on the scale this morning. NO I didn’t let out an earth shattering scream but I did say a few choice “BAD” words. So now… back to work. I like being in my skinny clothes! At least I had only a minor gain! I’ve been known to really put on weight during the holiday’s so a couple is okay…… and well…… I did deserve them. I really REALLY ate a lot! I did NO exercising! But now…. I am ready to get back to work!!

Soooo… anyone wanna come over and finish my laundry so I can go to bed early?!

AND!!!! you only have to hear me beg for votes for a few more days!! December 31st, is the last voting day. (What? You thought I would forget to add this link?!?! Have we just met?!?!)

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