I Need A Translation Service!!

Italy1At the top of my bucket list is a trip to Italy. I want the chance to see everything from Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, I want to stare at Michelangelo‘s David and the Catholic girl in me says I MUST visit the The Vatican. So, while I’ve been planning our trip to Italy, mapping out adventures and sending emails out I found a truly amazing woman who is helping me plan for my incredible journey. While I am thoroughly and completely grateful for her help, translating her emails takes me FOREVER!! I don’t want to discourage her from writing and telling about the must see Italiano experience, (And by THE Italiano experience I do mean where to get the best gelato, pasta and SHOES!!) but translating via google is HARD!! And very time-consuming and I’m certain it’s not very accurate. There just aren’t enough hours in my day for this!! So, translation agency here I come!!

Rosetta Translation is an international translation agency, headquartered in London. They translate everything from legal to medical, technical to financial. I found that they also guarantee excellent quality in their translation services.

It doesn’t hurt to bookmark this company; you never know when you will have to communicate with someone who speaks a different language than you.

I wonder if I could get The Rosetta Translation folks to send a personal translator along with me on my trip!?!? I wouldn’t have to keep trying to learn Italian!? Hummmm something to think about, except of course, gelato, pizza shoes and purses!!

Where is your dream vacation? Have you made it Italy?? If you have, I need to know what was the BEST part of Italy?


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