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Annie’s Craft Classes, I’m Learning to Crochet!!

I’m trying to do something that doesn’t involve the computer. Seriously, I live with this laptop on my knees. I need some off-line time! I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review a class from Annie’s Crafts. With such a great selections of classes to choose from, it was hard to decide! Knitting, crochet, beading, sewing, quilting and even jewelry making!! I finally chose crochet because I didn’t have the patience or time to learn from my Grandma Jones, the queen of crochet, I regretted that now. Turns out Annie’s on-line class is the next best thing!! Perhaps even better, because when I get frustrated I can turn off the computer and come back later and no one has hurt feelings! Talk about a win, WIN situation!

Learn to Crochet is taught by Ellen Gormley, from the second Ellen appears on the screen you can tell she has patience and a passion for crochet. Ellen speaks clearly and slow enough to follow along without having to hit pause every 2 minutes!!

Ellen starts the class with instructions about selecting your yarn. Turns out this is a really important step. I admit it, I am stubborn and I tend to do what I want, regardless of the suggestions from the experts!! Ellen suggested that you learn to crochet with a light color yarn. Ohhh Ellen, why?  When this olive green is sooo pretty!! Yea… well… turns out you really CAN’T see the stitches that well in a dark color.

Ellen touches on every aspect of crochet, from finding the end of the yarn to the stitches.  At one point Ellen says “Sometimes you can find the end of the yarn easily and sometimes you can’t”


Ohhhh sooooo true!!! Check out my rats nest of knots while I tried to find the ends.  Yea…. I’m going with ‘sometimes it’s not’







Olive Green Crochet

Another suggestion that Ellen makes is to practice for 5 minutes at a time so you don’t get frustrated and give up.  VERY smart advice.  My first few attempts were not great at ALL. I would crochet a couple of rows and pull it out and start over. To the left are a couple of my first attempts.

I was so frustrated not being able to see my stitches I decided to take Ellen’s advice and bought a lighter color yarn.

Pink Crochet

I have to say this is MUCH easier to work with!!  Look at those stitches!! Oh Ellen, you are so smart!!

Now before you get all excited I have to zoom out and show you the whole swatch.  It makes me giggle when I look at it, I think there are a couple of stitches in there I think I totally invented, but, all in all I’m really excited!!


Crocheting is rather addicting!!  I find I can’t wait to pick it up and practice again! I can see why my Grandma enjoyed this so much!!

Things that are truly helpful with Annie’s classes are, first if I have a question I can ask an instructor who will get back to you with an answer ASAP!! I LOVE that!! Next favorite feature is the notes area. I can type a note that stays with my class. For instance I wanted to pick up at a certain time in the video, I typed the time in the notes area and ta-da I picked up right where I left off last time. I also made notes about which stitches I need to practice with the most. Which stitch I enjoyed the most.

The learning to crochet class comes with 5 projects that are in PDF form and I can download and print out if I want. (Not that I feel ready to try anything other than this amazing blanket for a Barbie doll. Just agree with me… it’s a Barbie blanket. AND BARBIE will LOVE it!!

Since the class is mine, I can watch and re-watch and then watch again ANYTIME I WANT TO!!! I can pause and rewind whenever I need to do. The instructor shows crocheting from the front and from above. Making it very easy to follow along.  Ellen crochets slow enough to follow, but not so slow that your bored. Truly perfect for learning.

Ellen shows each of the stitches a couple of times. Ellen shows crocheting with your right hand and then again for left handers.

Annie’s Craft Classes are discounted by 50% but, just for a short time so if you have always wanted to learn a craft do it NOW!!!


Join any of Annie’s classes and you get 20% off all products!! Again, just for a limited time. SO HURRY!!  Enter EYHCl20 at check out.

Take a look at some of the other class previews on YouTube

hatsEventually I’ll be making a this hat. Complete with the flower! Aren’t those CUTE!?!?

I give Annie’s Craft Classes 2 very enthusiastic thumbs and a crochet hook UP!! WAY UP!!

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you here tomorrow too!


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