We made Elephant Toothpaste!! Science experiment!!

Alice and I had so much fun making Elephant Toothpaste!! SO COOL!!!!!!!

Here is what I used:

First off….. drink some soda! I forgot this step! You need that 2 liter bottle. Empty and dry.6% Hydrogen Peroxide. You have to get this at a beauty supply store. I found ours at Sallys.

Dry Active Yeast. I bought a jar so that we can do this a LOT!!
Dawn Dish Soap

Liquid food color or liquid water color optional (but soooo pretty!!)
Glitter optional (but ohhh soooo cool!!)

1 teaspoon of yeast (if you have packets it’s half of the packet)
2 Tablespoons of HOT water
Mix until all the yeast is dissolved. It takes a while so be patient and stir stir stir. If your little one is able this would be a good job for them while you get the rest of the items together.

Place funnel into your narrow necked bottle and add:
1/2 cup 6% hydrogen peroxide
2 squirts of Dawn dishsoap I just squirted quickly. I have no real measure.

Swirl gently until everything is mixed.

Place your bottle in a container to catch the mountain of foam. I bought an aluminum tray at the dollar store.
Now add the yeast mix through the funnel. Get ready for some FUN!!!

Please supervise your children with this experiment.

Have FUN!!!

BTW I would steer clear of using a lot of blue like I did!!  Alice and NaNa had pretty blue hands for the rest of the day, when we were done!  I think I will stick to pink!!

If you have kids, you should sign up for Fun and Easy Kids Crafts newsletter!! That is where I found this science experiment: Elephant Toothpaste. Next up?? Crystals!!  Ohhhhh ahhhhhh

Thanks for reading!


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