Important House-Hunting Tips for Buyers with Kids!!

Buying a house can be stressful enough, but when you have kids, house-hunting becomes a whole new game. However, if you’re an empty nester you might be looking to expand their search to other parts of the world. Search for a villa in Tuscany, or Paris apartments for rent.

For parents buying a house is a step forward in creating a safe-space for you and your family, so it is important to consider a variety of options before putting down a down payment.

Recently, online websites and realtors have given home-owners and home-seekers a place to explore all available options. Places such as the Get LISTED Realty’s FSBO Guide give advice on how to get listed, how to find the right real estate agent, marketing tips and how to decide if you should sell or purchase a house. Knowledge on this can help you ensure that you are well prepared to purchase and sell any home.

However, there are still some tips you should consider beforehand, especially when you want you and your kids to fall in love with their new home. On that note, here are some important house-hunting tips if you are a buyer with kids:

  1. Look at the Schools in the Area

Local school systems can have a large impact on deciding whether or not you want to move into a certain neighborhood. County lines often dictate where your child or children can attend school, so district boundaries are something to be aware of to ensure that your child is getting into a better, grade-A school for their best education.

  1. Consider the Quality and Safety of Your Neighborhood

Trust your gut—when you go into a neighborhood and it doesn’t “feel” right, it could be for a variety of reasons. You want to ensure your child’s safety and comfort in your neighborhood, as children often spend a lot of time outside and interacting with neighbors.

Checking out reviews, meeting neighbors beforehand, and trusting yourself can be effective ways to ensure that your children have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the neighborhood, rather than being confined indoors all day. For instance, if you’re house hunting in an area like Albuquerque, NM, it’s important to examine the community amenities to gain insight into the overall quality and safety of the neighborhood (you can click here to do so).

  1. Decide What Layout Will be Best for Your Family

Three bedrooms or four? Two bathrooms or three? Family room? Extra den? Large yard? It is vital that you and your family have enough space in your home, but more importantly, it is vital to make sure that your family has enough space to grow.

Over the years, your kids will accumulate more things and desire more space. Giving them a layout that fits their needs, whether that be through an extra bedroom for storage space, or an open kitchen for weekly family dinners, will give your children a sense of comfort as they won’t feel cramped inside their own home.

Make sure to do your research here: talk to your family about what they want in their new, prospective house and start searching for it.

  1. Considering Location and Amenities

 As briefly touched on already, location can be everything. From determining school zones to promising safe neighborhoods, setting is everything. But it is so important to consider, especially with children. Your children are also going to want to go explore. As they get older, they’ll want to go out with their friends. Local and nearby amenities such as community pools, libraries or malls may serve as a deciding factor when house hunting. And don’t forget to consider other aspects too, like how close by is the nearest hospital?

  1. Looking Inside the House: Interior Design

Most importantly, your house is your house. You want to have control over your decorations, of course, but when you have kids, it is important to consider the interior design. However, you might wish to let an interior decorator in my area, show you some designs and give you some ideas as to how to make alterations that best suit the room and décor.

For example, with a lot of children, sometimes hard-wood floors are easier as they make for quick-clean up, and you don’t have to worry about spilled paint or soda on carpet. Large washer and dryers make for easy laundry days. Granite counter-tops are secure and sturdy.

Looking at how the inside influences your children’s lives is something to really consider when house hunting.


There is no “right” or “set” way to pick a house. Rather, you must do your research and consider different tips and advice when house-hunting. It can be overwhelming but knowing what you want can help narrow down options and ensure that you and your children will be happy, wherever you get settled.

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