Instantly Ageless By Jeunesse Review

WOW! Instantly Ageless is truly the perfect name for this product. I have bags under my eyes; describing them as bags doesn’t really do them justice they are more like suitcases. I hate them!!  These eye bags make me look every bit my 57 years actually they make me look older I think. I try to hide my bags by wearing larger eye glasses.  I’m constantly on the hunt for that special eye cream to de-puff the bags; ice packs, eye masks. I will try everything. I’ve never found anything that works.  Then I started seeing these videos popping up all around, like on The Doctors.
If you have bags under your eyes I’m certain you’ve probably watched the videos from Jeunesse and their Instantly Ageless miracle product too and wondered if it really could be that easy.

Jeunesse claims that Instantly Ageless works quickly to diminish wrinkles and bags in just under 2 minutes!

This is truly a breakthrough anti-wrinkle cream that will deliver instant results within minutes. Instantly Ageless is a revolutionary ingredient that has been sweeping the waves by transforming the looks of men and women of all ages.

I am here to say it DOES work!! Within 2 minutes my under eye bags are dramatically reduced. WOW!

A small amount visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and truly erases the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Instantly Ageless dries to a matte finish. I didn’t feel the need to use any foundation after using this little miracle! Instantly Ageless is lightweight.

So my idea was to focus on just my eyes for this video; probably not my best decision. BUT… I don’t want to waste another application to re-do the video. Sorry folks!

Each vial will provide 3 applications. I put my open vial in a Ziploc bag I’m hoping that will keep the vial usable.

The lifting and firming effects last for about 10 hours.


I do wish the vial was the older style vial like the following video, I’m not crazy about the packet vial. That is the only whine. The product is amazing!! Eye bags GONE for the entire day.



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