Streambot Box Review

This little Streambot Box has given second life to my early 2000’s audio equipment!

While my car stereos get constantly upgraded, my home and garage stereos do not get the same attention. I’ve always liked my old Pioneer receiver, sounds great but doesn’t have the conveniences of one made in the last decade. I normally will play music from my phone using an RCA to 3.5mm cable but having my phone tethered to the stereo is inconvenient. The Streambot fixed that! Now I can keep my phone on me and enjoy good sound, plus finally able to control music apps like Pandora again, no more walking across the shop/house/garage to hit next because Pandora thinks Justin Timberlake is Classic R&B/Soul, sorry JT

A breeze to pair up, I don’t recall even reading the directions, plugged it in, hit the button on top, started flashing blue, then just searched for devices under my bluetooth settings menu on my phone. It popped right up as Streambot Box, clicked pair and was playing music in less than a minute.
The size of this unit is small, tiny, and will fit just about anywhere. Maybe 2″x2″, both power and audio connections are on the same back panel, which I prefer. The styling is nice and modern, modest. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the piece and its accessories. While I usually let “the guts” of an item to dictate a purchase over cosmetics, it’s always nice to get both.
The range is fantastic too, much farther than the listed “up to 33 feet” I was easily 50′ away before I would lose connection.

Audio quality was really good, better than I expected. I have certainly underestimated current Bluetooth technology. The sound was so good I couldn’t really detect significant loss, so good that I plan to hook it up to my RTA at work and see all of what’s being transmitted, it may even take a trip to my car for some serious scrutiny.

This is a great little unit and I will certainly be picking up 2 more soon!




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