4 in 1 TurboPen by Minzos Review

OH my gosh wait till you see this TurboPen! Yes, I have a huge pen problem. I love pens!! I must have one of ALL kinds!! This one is stylishly silver and so sleek looking!! What makes the TurboPen even more awesome is it’s a 4 in 1 pen! First it’s a writing pen. The pen glides across the paper for smooth writing in a thin line.  The pen comes in black ink. I love the way this pen writes!

Next up the pen has a red laser light. I have to admit this is a fun feature. Yes, I said fun. Granted it’s perfect if you work in an office and need a pointer. But, it’s a TON of fun to make the dog chase the dot. I swear this 100 pound dog thinks she is a cat the way she pounces on the red dot we’ve nick named the red dot the “bug”  Gracie will come out of a dead sleep just whispering “Gracie, get the bug!”  I know… I know… it’s not the REAL purpose, but it’s so much fun!! Course, ummmm not that I know this first hand… but it also works on 3 year old granddaughters too… ya know… when she has too much energy.

Next the TurboPen is a small flash light. THIS came in super handy when I dropped my blue-tooth ear piece under the front seat in my car. The pen puts off plenty of light.

Of course I kept my favorite feature for last. The TurboPen is a stylus. I take my iPad with me everywhere! I try and squeeze in blog work any time that I can. The stylus glides across the screen of my iPad and my Galaxy S4 phone. I can work easily with no harm to my screens and no slips or drags. Okay, I also play a lot of games. My favorite right now is Draw Something. Of course, I am HORRIBLE at the drawing part. I’m pretty good at guessing other peoples art. If you haven’t played you should Google Draw Something and check out what other’s can do with a stylus!!

The TurboPen is perfect for everyone! The pen has a great weight to it, 1.3 ounces. The pen is just a little over 5″ tall with a 3/8″ diameter. The TurboPen fits perfectly in my hand. It’s solid and substantial, it feels and looks like an expensive pen!!  There are 2 buttons by the metal clip that control the flashlight and the laser light.  Hold down the button to use either, once you let go of the button the lights go off.


Not a SINGLE one!! This is a great all in one pen! This would be a GREAT gift for anyone starting a new job or for Father’s Day, Valentines Day or just because.  The TurboPen is designed for comfort and practicality with attention to detail. Whether you need to jot down notes in the boardroom or the classroom, on your legal pad or your iPad, you will do so in style with this slim, well balanced Hi-Tech tool.



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