Aretha's Genuine Leather Padlock Handbag

Aretha’s Genuine Leather Padlock Handbag Review

My name is Connie and I am a purse addict. I can’t help it. I love purses!! I want a different purse for every outfit, I want a purse for every occasion; I want….. oh who are we kidding? I want ALL of them!! Addicted is truly the best word I can come up with. My review today is for a handmade bag from Aretha. This is the Padlock Leather Bag and it’s amazing. I’ve been using it as my day to day purse for the last week and it is perfect!! Everything I need fits easily into this bag. From my iPad, wallet, snacks for Alice and a million and one other little things as well. This bag holds a lot of stuff! A LOT of stuff!!!

Aretha made this bag of genuine cow leather, by hand! The feel is rich and luxurious.  The leather is soft on this purse and feels so good in your hands.

This Genuine Leather Handbag is well constructed. Inside and out. There are four gold feet on the bottom which keep your bag off the floor. Something I very much like. There is an old wives tale that says you shouldn’t leave your handbag or purse on the floor because “A purse on the floor is money out the door!” Then there’s the feng shui belief that says a bag on the floor will bring you bad money luck! Well, I would rather not challenge that one!! (yes, I am superstitious!)

Even if you aren’t superstitious a bag on the floor is well, dirty! Having the feet on the bottom of the bag helps it stay off the dirty floor and ensuring a bag that will last at least a little longer. Keeping your bag off the floor is just a good practice to start! (or continue!)

This bag leather handbag is the perfect accessory for any outfit. The straps are long enough to have this bag hanging comfortably from your shoulder.  The straps are gold chains and the part that sits on your shoulder is covered with the same luxurious leather as the bag.

All our Cow leather handbags are handmade. We collect all the best quality Cow leather from the big factory in Italy, France, Germany to design the handbag. We provide much effort to design the details and quality, in order to make every handbag become stylist and unique, also have the best durable quality at the same time. Because these perfect martial has a limited supply, so we only have limited quantity for each design.

The bag has contrasting white stitching, gold hardware including a name plate with Aretha on it toward the base of the bag. Inside the bag is a large zippered area that I keep my cosmetics and wipes for the kids. The zippered pocket is huge and will hold a ton of stuff.

There is a small, shallow zippered pocket on the inside of the bag that I use for my car keys. That way I always know where they are. Along the opposite side are two pockets one for your mobile phone and the other is longer; which I use for my camera.

Added bonus, if you decide that you need to wear this bag as a cross bag, the chain simply pulls to one side. PERFECT when you have to wrangle a bunch of kids at the same time!

Clean and maintain your leather bag with periodic cleaning using a leather cleaner or leather oil.

This bag is a little over 14½” tall and 10″ long. The bag is 5.9″ wide. This bag weighs approximately 2 pounds. The bag arrives in a lightweight dust cover.


First, it’s a purse!! A soft, well constructed purse that has tons of space to carry all of my belongings. Handmade, with real cow leather!! I have one small whine; when the bag arrived it was folded at the base. I stuffed the bag with paper and hung it from a door knob for a few days. The fold is almost completely gone now. I do wish the folks at Aretha would ship the bag with stuffing in the bag to keep this from happening.



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Shortly after you posted this I decided I too needed a new bag. Did I opt for a sensible black or brown/tan that would go with everything? Of course not! I bought a wonderfully soft handmade leather bag in bright orange! It looks great with darker Autumn/Winter clothes and it’s perfect for Halloween!

  • Jacqueline mcclendon

    I purchased two of these handbags and I was amazed at how cheap they are. I sometimes want to believe its to good to be true I mean the quality is all that so I figured if a rapper or a famous personality endorsed this brand, oh boy !!!

  • Laura

    What a gorgeous purse! I also am a huge purse addict. Especially the really big ones that fit the billions of things that I carry. 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    It is a great looking purse. I had never heard that saying! That explains everything! I just need to get my purse off the floor! (It lives on the floor beside my chair, lol)


    It’s lovely and having ‘feet’ certainly helps to keep the bag in good condition. I’d never heard that saying but there is a Welsh one (thanks Mum!) that shoes on the table means a visitor to the door. But it could be her way of keeping my feet of my desk!

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