Battle Of The Uniforms

When you decide to support a new team, what criteria do you use? Do they need to have a certain winning percentage? Do you favor strong offenses or defenses? What color jersey do you prefer? Yes, the last question is entirely serious and we recommend red or blue. Recent scientific research has concluded the color of a team’s uniform is likely to affect their chance of winning because of how color affects mood and behavior.
Any sports lover knows the mental game is just as important as the physical element. What else drives your favorite football coach to call a time out with two seconds on the clock when the other team’s kicker is about to attempt a game winning field goal? He’s just trying to psych the play out. Colors can have a similar affect on the psyche. There is still some debate as to what colors produce the most champions, so look at the stats yourself in the infographic below.


  • Tamra Phelps

    That’s pretty interesting. I follow the KY Wildcats, so I bleed blue, as we say! Maybe that’s why I tend to pick blue-wearing jockeys/horses at the horse races, lol!

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