Kit Anti-Manchas; Age Spots Be GONE! #Bonapiel

I complain all the time, aging is NOT for sissies. The worst for me? Age spots!! I have them along my jaw line and the backs of my hands. Yes, I was a stupid sun-worshiper! (Did we know better? I don’t think anyone told me my sun-kissed brown body would someday come back to bite me in the tush!!) I know better now, unfortunately the damage is already done.

BonapielI couldn’t wait to try a 3 step system from Bonapiel. A whitening face mask, A whitening serum and sunscreen.

Starting with the Intensive Skin Lightening Mask; this works fast!! I’ve noticed a difference in just two applications. Apply to a clean dry face. I used the mask only on the areas that I have spots. Wait for 20 minutes then wash with tepid water and pat dry. The Intensive Skin Lightening Mask contains absolutely no hydroquinone.
Targeted Skin Brightener: We include Alpha-Arbutin, powerful ingredient extracted from the leaves of the Bearberry also called “bearberry” (bearberry) very popular in Japan and Asia that effectively inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and therefore the melanin production. Known for its lightening and smoothing properties to restore radiance to the skin of the face.

Follow this with the Intensive Whitening Serum. This is an amazing serum that spreads very easily, absorbs quickly and can be used twice a day. This serum is not sticky or greasy. This serum also helps with dullness and fine lines and wrinkles. (Can you say miracle in a bottle?) The Intensive Whitening Serum comes in an amber glass bottle with eye dropper for dispensing. I love the eye dropper; it means I get the correct amount and don’t waste any product.

The last step is the Bonapiel SPF 55 Sunscreen. This is a no brainer!! My spots are getting lighter with every use, I would love to see them completely disappear and I sure don’t want any additional ones to pop up. First, the light scent is very pleasant. The sunscreen is not greasy and absorbs quickly. SPF 55 and water-resistant!
How does it work? This formula provides broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Specifically protects against premature skin aging caused by the sun and helps prevent hyperpigmentation.
The nano zinc oxide and not Octinoxate skin supplied physical barrier filter UV rays to penetrate the skin and cause cellular damage.
This sunscreen also contains a blend of Aloe Vera extracts and sunflower oil to help skin retain moisture, reduce irritation and nourish the skin.
Higher Sun Protector Factor, set at SPF 55, to help you be better protected against long-term skin damage and exposure-related skin cancers.

As with all Bonapiel products, this Face Lightening Trio is very well made with premium ingredients.


NONE!! Not a single one!! This Bonapiel Skin Lightening Trio is fantastic. I have not experienced any break outs or adverse skin reactions when using any of these products. I’ve reviewed several products by Bonapiel and this one is by far my favorite!!

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