IntelliGLASS Hardened Glass Screen Protector Giveaway

Y’all know I’m very addicted to my electronics. Greatest invention ever is the iPad. MAN I love my iPad. I’m thoroughly in love with the iPad Mini. Perfect size for my purse and where I go it goes! I can keep the Grandkids entertained no matter what! NOW, with that said Grandkids are sticky. Seriously! All three of them are sticky. By the time I get my iPad back I can hardly see the words on the screen; so when I was given the opportunity to review IntelliGLASS I was thrilled. Although I admit I really thought this would cut just some of the prints. I had no idea the change would be this dramatic.

First, this screen protector is made of REAL GLASS! Really incredibly thin glass; IntelliGLASS is the worlds thinnest REAL glass screen protector. Since this protector is so thin made of glass you won’t believe how crystal clear the screen is. Everything on the screen looks crisp, clean and clear. Now all of the isn’t worth a thing if it messes with the iPad’s touch sensitivity. I am here to tell you, my iPad is as sensitive as ever! Whether using a stylus or the kids using their fingers the sensitivity is spot on!!

I am giddy over the fact that the intelliGLASS is made to deliver maximum scratch resistance and defend against even the hardest bumps and knocks. The 3 Grandkids 6, 5 and 4 are at an age where that is extremely important!! ESPECIALLY when they are fighting over who’s turn is next. IntelliGLASS is designed to have better scratch resistance than steel.

My favorite feature though is the Oleophobic Coating. I don’t know what’s in this coating all I am sure of is that NEVER has cleaning my iPad screen been this easy. E-V-E-R!! Not only do smudges and fingerprints clean off easier but there are fewer on the screen after using it; this oleophobic coating resists finger prints! AMAZING!

Now your probably wondering about installation; something this great has to be hard to put on right? WRONG!! This screen protector is so easy to install that the only way it would be easier is for it to jump out of the package and install itself. When IntelliGLASS says EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION they really do mean effortless!! Everything from the alcohol wipe to clean your screen to a lint remover is included. I promise you, cleaning my screen for installation took longer than putting the IntelliGLASS Screen Protector on. I fit the protector to one edge and the protector with its advanced silicone adhesion technology, just fell into place. NO muss. NO fuss. PERFECTION!! WITH NO BUBBLES!! NOT a single one!!

Those two bubbles? ONE swipe with cleaning cloth and they were gone too!! I’m blown away at how easy that was!!

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Not a single one! This went on so easily, so clean, so perfectly I was amazed. Then the fact that I don’t have fingerprints on my ultra-hardened REAL glass protector that it’s stronger than STEEL?! What could I possibly whine about?!


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own intelliGLASS Screen Protector. You will be THRILLED with this protector!



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