iPhone 6 Case, Handy Armor Clear Bumper Case Review

My son Zac recently upgraded to the iPhone 6. After looking around for a case that wouldn’t add bulk he found the Handy Armor Clear Bumper Case. WOW!! I have to say first off, this is the lightest iPhone 6 Case I have ever felt.

This iPhone 6 Case from Handy Armor is crystal clear, so it really lets the stylishness of the iPhone shine through. The latest generation Handy Armor cases are made of high quality polycarbonates; the polycarbonates provides protection from shock, scratches and all other damages. That’s a MUST for Zac!! Seriously, he is hard on phones!! The phone before the iPhone 6; Zac dropped on his way out of the store!! Yup, he’s hard on phones and gets his coordination from me!!

This really is a sweet case!! We’re both impressed!


The case adds absolutely no bulk to the iPhone 6. Since the case is crystal clear, you really can’t even see it on the phone. Seriously, you spend that much money on a phone do you really want to hide it?? This case let’s you see all of the sleekness of the phone.

The Handy Armor Case is extremely light weight; you won’t even realize it’s on the phone!! This case feels excellent in your hand. The material of the case makes the phone easier to grip.

All of the ports and buttons are easily accessed while the case is on.

You also can not beat the price of the Handy Armor Case! $8.97!! All that protection for under ten bucks?! WOW!

Another MAJOR perk!! The Handy Armor Case comes with a LIFETIME Warranty!! LIFETIME!! that’s company that believes in its product!!


Zac is as happy as a clam. (Wait, are clams actually happy?) Let’s just go with; Zac is very happy with his case. His phone is protected without any bulk or weight. What could he possibly whine about??


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  • Sandy Cain

    I love that it adds no bulk to the phone. I used to be able to fit my phone easily in the back pocket of my jeans, but when I had to get a new case, it wouldn’t fit in the pocket anymore! (Or maybe my behind just got bigger!)

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