OgoSport OgoDisk Game Review

Wait till you see this game!! This one is fun for ALL ages!! This is the OgoDisk Game from OgoSport. Everyone that has played this has loved it!
So, what is OgoDisk? It’s a EVA foam ring with nylon spandex membrane center. The foam ring is comfortable to hold for big hands and kids. The center is really bouncy; that’s 5-year-old Eli’s very technical term for the nylon spandex center. The OgoDisk Game has one bright-blue and one OgoOrange disk with one OgoSoft ball.

This is a fantastic get up and get moving game!! BONUS the OgoSoft ball is soft! So Emma, Eli and I played in the house! Shhhh don’t tell their Mom!!

There are several ways to play this game. Emma and Eli’s favorite is like playing a tennis game without handles. Bounce the ball back and forth. Trying not to drop the ball. I promise it’s not as easy as it sounds!!

Also we tried bouncing the ball and counting. Emma holds the record of 32 bounces!

Older kids can bounce the OgoSoft ball while walking further apart. For older kids; wait… for everyone this is hard!! The Ogo disk is a small target! So that alone increases the difficulty.

Use it in the pool! On a hot summer day use water balloons instead of the OgoSoft ball. I see a lot of fun with that one!! We didn’t try that yet…. we were having a pajama day and I was certain my daughter wouldn’t appreciate water balloons in the house.

Play like a volleyball game. Play with it like a Frisbee. So many options!

Check out these great accolades!!

  • Winner of Parents Choice Award 2007
  • Winner of TDmonthly’s Innovations Award 2007


Nope not a single one! This game gets the kids moving!! The kids are not only moving but laughing and having FUN!!!!!!!! I really love OgoSports. We are having a great time with our new OgoDisks and our OgoSport OgoBILD which is the first thing the kids head to at NaNa’s house. The designs they build are AWESOME!! I love imagination toys as much as I love get ’em moving toys.

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