Fruit Infusion Water Bottle Review

You’re thirsty aren’t you? You know what sounds delicious right now? An ice-cold glass of water…said no one. Ever. Until now. I know that totally sounds like the intro to an infomercial but I couldn’t resist. So you don’t like to drink water? Well that’s because it’s boring, you either love it or hate it but you know you need it. I’m not trying to sell you on good health, you get plenty of that from every facet of your life; I’m trying to save you money. That’s right MONEY! Drinking water infused with fruit or herbs means you spend less money on junk food, less money on soda and (biting my tongue because I hope this isn’t true) less money on coffee.. There I said it.
If I can do this so can you because I am a coffee addict. It’s not so much the coffee even; it’s the routine and the experience of having so many options. So instead of your $4 croissant and $6 Grande, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha today I challenge you to spend that money, just one days coffee on an Infuser Water Bottle.

Maybe you are like me and love water. When I’m not drinking coffee or some obnoxious tea concoction, I am guzzling water. My 3 year and I drink 5 gallons a week and that’s just when we are home, but even we get bored with it. So you will still love this!
My cost saving mission this weekend is to order half-lemon, half-grapefruit, no-caf ice-cold waters to start my day (to be truthful I will probably follow it with a coffee chaser but it’s a great start to the day).
The Personally Balanced Life Infuser Water Bottle is simple to use and easy to clean. I started using it a week ago. Alice and I went to the grocer’s and picked out citrus fruits for our first infusion project. Since everyone around us has been sick we agreed Vitamin C was what the doctor ordered!

I washed the fruit prior to cutting it up. I sectioned a lemon and a grapefruit, placing the rest into a zip lock for the rest of the week.
You simply:
1. Unscrew the lid and infusion tube.
2. Fill the infuser tube with your favorite fruit or vegetable and secure lid.
3. Fill the Bottle with water, tea, or any other beverage. (Be careful to do this part slowly since it has to filter through small holes)
4. Place the infusion tube carefully into the water bottle over the sink.
5. Secure lid to bottle and shake gently.
You are then ready to enjoy flavor infused water with ingredients that YOU choose. No artificial sweeteners or additives to the creation you make!!
You can even try infusing alcohol or use frozen fruit for a really cool drink. (I held off on telling you this awesome news since I wanted to encourage you to drink more water)
Cucumbers infused in water create a “spa like” experience. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!
Here come the health benefits:
Dehydration leads to fatigue, you can drink all the 5 hour energy hype shots you want but water is the real key and guess what? Water makes you look younger and there are no jittery side effects except elation! Water lowers blood pressure, can reduce skin disorders, relieve asthma and allergies, lower cholesterol, reduce ulcers, acid reflux and bladder and kidney problems and constipation. If you’re skimming this part I understand, here’s what you want to hear IT WILL HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. In an article on Mother Nature Network, medical site weighed in on the subject (no pun intended) that most people tend to eat when in fact they’re thirsty. We eat when we should drink which is totally bonkers, and then without any effort we lose an average of 10 cups of water every day simply by breathing, sweating, urinating and eliminating waste.
So use this Infuser Water Bottle throughout the day to make delicious water blends and impress your friends with how health conscious you are and then when you get home swap out your water for vodka and have a fruit infused cocktail!
Or use Ice tea with Lemon
Seltzer water and fruit
Warm tea and mint
(I’m typing this but really just fantasizing about ways to make sangria) We are making magic here people!!
This infuser is totally worth your money! (Promise me you’ll put water into it at least once?)




    I have one of these & I love it. Our well water is quite hard & doesn’t taste great so a slice of lime or whatever happens to be in the pantry or freezer works a treat. I always have frreshlly frozen fruit in my freezer from whenever they’re cheap in season or homegrown (even rhubarb is great). My favourite water (so far) is half a lime with a leaf or two of basil that I discovered by accident!

  • Sandy Cain

    I have to get this for my mom. She is supposed to drink a lot of water, but always has an excuse as to why she doesn’t. May if I use this and stick in some of the berries she likes, I can pour more water into her.

  • Nancy C

    I love the fruit infusion water bottle that I have! I like to put frozen blueberries in mine and as they thaw, they release lots of juice.

  • Carol S.

    These are great! And what better time of the year to get one with all the fresh summer fruits soon to become readily available. No need to become bored with the same flavor day after day, this way you can change it up daily if you want. Or what a great way to just experiment to find new tastes and likes! Thanks for sharing.

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