Is Bingo going to change in 2020?


As bingo has been around for centuries, its earliest recorded game was in Italy 1535, it has gone through several changes and evolved in order to stay relevant throughout the changing times. In the twenty-first century we have seen an explosion of technology, inter connectivity and advancement in our lives that nobody could have imagined back when computers and the internet were first invented. Everybody already knows the hardships and difficulties that have happened throughout 2020, there is no need to go into detail with them here, but no one could have possibly imagined the world we live in today this time last year. As such we feel that it is right to ask the question: is bingo going to change in 2020? Whilst we don’t have all the answers, we can make a few educated predictions on the ways in which it is evolving and how it continues too.


Bingo or rather online bingo has been thriving in this post covid world we live in. As everybody has been spending more time at home, there have been more people playing at Barbados Bingo  than ever before. Whether this be in the hopes of winning the jackpot so they don’t have any more money worries or just to simply pass the time during lockdown. Whilst the bingo halls have yet to reopen, online bingo has been thriving in a way that other businesses have not been. With so many new players online bingo sites have increased the amount of games available, unfortunately for players this also means that there is much more competition for jackpots now too! 

Post Covid 

Before Covid hit there was so much in store for bingo this year, there were plans to increase the amount of younger people playing bingo by introducing things such as bingo bars and clubs. We can only assume that once Covid is under more control or completely vaccinated against, these plans will be brought back. Once the bingo halls open up again expect to see a growing push for young players to join the game. The influence of the younger players is already being felt, with the introduction of woke bingo lingo. This replaces traditional lingo that is offensive and makes the game seem a little outdated. For example two fat ladies 88 has been replaced by Wills and Kate 88. Overall these lingo changes are relatively small in the grand scheme of things and only serve to welcome newer and younger players to the game. 

A World Beyond 

With the continued successes of online bingo, you may find yourself wondering what else can bingo do to evolve. Online bingo is already an immersive experience, while it hasn’t captured the atmosphere of a bingo hall completely it is still a very engrossing game to play. Well it is going to be more immersive with the introduction of virtual reality bingo, this promises to get players as involved with the action as possible without physically being there! 


No one knows what the world is going to look like after this year, whilst many are hoping things get better there is currently no sign that the world is on the path to recovery. For online bingo, its evolution may have been temporarily stalled by this setback but it’s clear that bingo, no matter the changes it makes, still remains a beloved game amongst players.


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