Bingo Lingo guide: All you need to know before you start

Out of all the gambling games that were played throughout the 18th century, who would have thought that bingo would emerge to be one of the most popular in the 21st century? Indeed, bingo wasn’t even solely a gambling game back then, with many German scholarly institutions using it to teach concepts such as probability in the field of mathematics.

However, the 21st century has had quite the impact on a large variety of gambling games, and that is pretty much exclusively down to this little thing us modern 21st century humans like to call the Internet.

Bingo cardsOnline gaming has well and truly transformed the gambling sector, with things like online slots and online bingo having their fortunes transformed. The latter can be especially hard for players that are used to the traditional way of playing bingo, read ahead for a bingo lingo guide with everything you need to know before you start – click here.

What is bingo lingo?

We know what you’re wondering here – what on earth do we even mean by bingo lingo? Well, aside from being a new brand that specialises in bingo club nights up and down the UK, the term bingo lingo is also used to designate the new assorted range of vocabulary that players have begun using in the online bingo world.

It is pretty damn essential that you find out what these mean, because it could well be the difference between winning and losing. You will also find it a lot more fun playing online bingo once you have a good grasp of the lingo used, as it can make the various chat rooms come alive. Bingo lingo online is often very similar to text speak, read ahead for some key examples.

Some key examples

So then, below you will find some of the key examples of online bingo lingo in the 21st century:

·         1TG: This stands for “One To Go” and is used to alert your fellow online bingo players to the fact that you only have one number left before you can complete your line.

·         2TG: This is pretty much exactly the same as the above, however here it is “Two To Go”. More eager online bingo players absolutely love using this one.

·         GL: You will probably see this a lot in bingo chat rooms before a big game, and it simply stands for “Good Luck”. See, bingo is a beautiful communal game isn’t it!

·         WTG: If you win at bingo you might well find that a lot of your fellow players are spamming you with “WTG” messages. At first we would not blame you for worrying that they were all ganging up on you as a result of your win, however in actuality it simply stands for “Way To Go!”.

·         BRB: We weren’t lying when we said that online bingo lingo is very similar to text speak, and this is the perfect example. BRB is to be used to mean “Be Right Back”.


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