It’s Conference Call Time!

By now everyone that come to Peanut Butter and Whine knows that my BBF is a 6-year-old kid named Alice. My, now minus her 2 bottom teeth, Granddaughter who I adore from the top of her spoiled little head (yes, totally my fault!) to the bottoms of her dirty bossy feet (yup, I think that might be my fault as well). This bossy kid hates being on the phone. (DUH! Me too!!) I would rather text or email than talk on the phone. I don’t know why, maybe the years of having to answer phones at work? Who knows. So when we have to call The Momma or The Dadda or whoever we use the speaker on my phone however it doesn’t have the best range. Alice wanders off and well, there went that conversation.

When I saw the eMeet I knew this would be an awesome addition!! With a speakerphone range of 26 FEET!! AND 360° audio pickup which means Alice can do what she loves (dance and move. Seriously! This kid is a serious ball of energy!) and still TALK on the phone!! Of course, the business person in your life probably doesn’t dance but could be putting golf balls!?

To fully charge the eMeet only takes 2.5 hours. After charging there is an excellent 12 hour battery life. That’s 12 hours of talk time. (Do I know anyone that I would talk to for 12 hours straight? Ummmmm the answer will be NO! Not even Alice).

eMeet Conference call speaker

With one month standby and the ability to play music or listen to my Audible Books that makes this little guy a favorite item on my desk. Yes, it’s small enough to sit beside my computer without being a bother. The speaker is just slightly over 4″ around and only 1″ tall.  The on off switch is on the side near the USB plug, the remaining controls are on the top.
eMeet Speaker Phone

eMeet Wireless Speaker Phone

The eMeet works by connecting with BlueTooth or with the included USB cord.

The eMeet arrives beautifully boxed and would be a great gift for the business person in your life! Just add a bow!

eMeet Smart Assistant Conference call speaker

The eMeet small in size and arrives with it’s own fitted, hard, zippered case. I love the fact that this is totally portable!

eMeet conference call speaker case


None here. The eMeet set up was super easy. The speaker connects with the phone and iPad easily. The sound is excellent on both sides. AND it’s portable!!


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