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How to make a 6-year-old do her homework so fast it will make your head spin? Show her that a Super Wubble Brite Ball is in her future!

What is a Wubble Brite Ball?  It’s a very large, very squishy, bubble-like ball which when inflated is about three feet in size. You read that right… a 3 FOOT squishy, bubble like ball! Made with Xpandium a Super Stretchy Super Strong material. The Wubble stretches, wiggles, wobbles and bounces like crazy. It’s squishable and squashable, like all the other Wubble.

The Super Wubble Brite Ball comes with an air pump which requires four AA batteries. Batteries do not come with the Wubble air pump. There is also a small package of petroleum jelly which helps you insert the air-pump nozzle into the Super Wubble. The jelly truly is the key here! I admit it, I thought it would be a wasted step so I skipped it the first time. Trust me. It’s not a wasted step. It cuts the inflation time to a fourth.

Since I have the pump we deflate the Wubble when we are done playing with it, mostly because this is a very LARGE ball! I don’t have room for a 3′ ball.  Since we do deflate it daily I can’t say how long the Wubble will stay full. But, really it only takes a couple of minutes to inflate or deflate and store away for the next time. Unless, of course, you have room for a three-foot giant balloon ball in your house!

The Super Wubble Brite Ball has a switch inside that you click by pinching between your thumb and forefinger it turns the flashing light on. The switch is on the opposite side as the inflation hole. Super Wubble Brite goes from red to blue to green and all the colors in between.

Included is a patch incase your Wubble springs a leak. Even better, is the fact that the Wubble Bubble Ball has a lifetime replacement guarantee however you do have to pay shipping so it will cost you $6.99 for a replacement.

Super Wubble Brite Ball is available at TargetToysRUsOn-Line

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We have no whines!! The Super Wubble Ball is a big, fun bubble ball with a serious light show!!
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