It’s GOOSIE TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Give-A-Way!!

I couldn’t be more excited if I tried!!
I get to give away ANOTHER set of GOOSIE CARDS!!!!  
I’m told you I was OBSESSED with these flash cards!!

So! In appreciation of Autism Awareness Month, tell me how you would use the set if you won?

Family Tree cards! (Family members your toddler doesn’t see often)
ABC’s (Pictures of things your toddler sees everyday for alphabet cards!)
Counting cards! (Pictures of your toddlers toys grouped together)  
Color cards!!  (You could incorporate foods into this one! Double duty!)
An awesome FAMILY project for summer!!  Have the kids help take pictures around the neighborhood for your set of Goosie cards.   The idea’s are ENDLESS!!  
Click here to read my full review of Goosie Cards. and start thinking of ideas for your OWN set of Goosie Cards!!
Thank you Jennifer for letting Peanut Butter and Whine hold a second giveaway!! 
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