“It’s Important To Have An Anaphylaxis Action Plan”

JulieBowenActress Julie Bowen keeps us giggling as the helicopter soccer mom Claire Dunphy on Modern Family. But there’s a cause close to her heart that is no laughing matter – anaphylaxis. When her own son was just a toddler, Julie had a terrifying experience when “he had a life-threatening allergic reaction to peanut butter.”

Julie opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her three “rowdy” sons – Oliver, 6, and 4-year-old twins John and Gus –  and the joys of motherhood. She goes on to talk about her new online children’s e-book, The Adventures of Ana and Phyl: The Carnivalthat helps raise awareness for anaphylaxis.

Tell us about narrating the new online children’s e-book, The Adventures of Ana and Phyl: The Carnival. What is it all about and why did you get involved?

JB: “For the past year, I’ve been working with Mylan Specialty to increase awareness of life-threatening allergies and encourage people to be prepared to respond if anaphylaxis occurs.

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and is life-threatening. It occurs when someone comes into contact with a food or other trigger to which they are allergic. As a mom to a child with life-threatening allergies, I know it’s important to keep this conversation going both at home and at school, which is why we developed this new e-book, titled, The Adventures of Ana and Phyl Axis: The Carnival.

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