It’s Time For Supporting Each Other Sunday Prayer Post

I have to parrot Sonya Sunday’s get here quicker and quicker. Except I kind of feel like everyday is Sunday or maybe it’s a Tuesday. I don’t know. I can’t believe how many times during the week I ask Alexa what day is it? I use to only ask her what the weather was….. I miss those days.

My friend Sonya at Sonya’s Happenings and I would love to welcome you to our Sunday Prayer Requests. This is a place for you to post about struggles, troubles or just whine. This isn’t a regular prayer list, we just want to send out encouragement, virtual hugs, good thoughts and prayers too.

We are all here for one another.

My friend Sonya at Sonya’s Happenings and I would love to welcome you to our Sunday Prayer Requests. I almost hate to call these a prayer request because it doesn’t have to be a prayer just send good thoughts, virtual hugs, warm thoughts, words of encouragement or prayers. This is just another good way for us to connect in this time where we have to stay at home.


I feel like this week needs a lot of prayers. This COVID-19 virus has gone way past scary. I think we need to send our prayers and good thoughts out to those that are sick. SO MANY prayers need to be sent out to the universe for the people that work in the medical profession and all other people that still go to work for us!  I am so thankful that I am able to shelter in place.

If you are new here; Sunday Prayer List is a way for us to help each other. Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on. Prayer List is a place we can listen, offer sympathy, encouragement or send prayers, good thoughts and show some love to those in need. The weekly posts aren’t really a religious posts. It’s sending good thoughts, healing thoughts and prayers to those that could use some help. You don’t have to be a religious person to send good thoughts into the universe for your fellow Peanuts as well as the requests from Sonya’s site too.

Happy Sunday. Stay well, stay healthy. WASH YOUR HANDS!! Eventually we will get to come into the outside again.


  • Diane K. Brimmer

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    Hannah Lamitina
    This is my friends daughter Naomi,
    It is with a broken heart that I write this; tonight the Lord called Naomi home. I cannot express the depths of my sorrow at losing my very best friend.
    Please keep our family in your prayers. This loss to great to bear. I ask that you not reach out my parents tonight please. It’s to much.
    To everyone that faithfully prayed; it was not in vain.

  • Tamra Phelps

    It figures that when I’m pretty much ready to go home from this nursing home, the whole World goes in to lockdown, right? I’m extending prayers to all those people effected by this virus, the sick, their families and those hit in other ways.

  • Sonya Cocherell

    Hi everyone!
    Sonya, here 🙂
    Remember, got a trouble, post. Have a pet peeve this week, post. Don’t really want to say what’s going on, just write UNSPOKEN. If you just want to say “I can’t stand what’s going on in today’s world”, (By the way- we get that)- say it. We just want to be there for you and we want all of you to be there for each other 🙂

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