It’s TUESDAY!!!!!

I no longer know what day this is!   All day today I was thinking this was Monday?!  How did I lose a full day!?  Did I do anything fun on Monday!?! Ohhhhhh noooooo that’s right I didNOT!!  I had my colonscopy early Monday morning. Whatever drug they gave me to put me out… did just that!  That’s right I’ve been asleep for 2 full days!  To top it off….. Today having the fuzzy head from sleeping 2 days has been weird all the way around.  An old friend I never expected to ever hear from again got in touch with me.  My head is still fuzzy  and I think I need to just go back to bed! Weird weird day!!  How was your day?!
ROFLMAO!!!!  The directions for after the colonscopy said: refrain from emailing, phoning people, making life changing decisions…….my son said “Pleaseeee let it say texting”  (It didn’t… but I respected Zac’s wishes… I didn’t text.  I turned my phone off and left it home) of course that’s when the kids want to TEXT!!  What’s up with THAT!?!?  I think they should have said no blogging too…. cause I’m sure I’m not makin’ a whole lotta sense.  I’m going back to bed.  This day has been a weird weird day. 

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