JamBrites Cutest Little Speakers EVER!!

I don’t want to scare you but Christmas is only 77 days away! SAY WHAAAAAAAA????? Of course, here in Idaho I didn’t even get FALL. We went straight to WINTER!! Snow and all. So, maybe that’s why I’m already in the holiday mode. (Don’t worry! I’m not taking down any Halloween decorations yet! I’m still in full on Halloween mode!)

The reason I bright up how many days till Christmas is because I have started my shopping. I’m always on the look out for a unique and fun gift for Alice. (okay, okay for the rest of ’em all too…. but Alice in particular. It’s a G’ma thing. Spoilin’s my game! Non’s the name!)

Check out the JamBrites. HOW cute are these little speakers from Jay@Play?!?!?!

JamBrites are the light-up Bluetooth speaker pets that will keep you tapping your feet all day long! Pair them with any device to play your favorite jams as the lights pulse to the beat. There are five different pets to choose from that even make sounds when you pet and play with them. Plus, their colors change to show the mood of your JamBrites so you’ll have a ton of fun. Your JamBrite is the perfect little friend to take with you anywhere you go!
JamBrites are now available online now for $19.99, however they will be available on retail shelves in Fall 2019.
These cute little JamBrites also show their FEELINGS!! When your JamBrites are in Pet Mode their face, tail and hair will light up. They will react with light and sound. AND when you touch their mouth or head.
JamBrites will change colors when they hear loud noises or clapping.
Seriously, how cute are these?!?!
On the side is a charging port. Only 1.5 hours gives your JamBrite a full charge. The other side has an on/off/bluetooth switch.
Pairing your JamBrites to you phone or other Bluetooth enabled device is super easy. JAMBRITES pops up quickly and poof you’re paired.
JamBrites lights up with the music. The sound, I have to admit I was surprised at how clear and clean the sound was that comes from these little guys. (Truthfully, they are so stinkin’ cute that they may not make it to Alice. I KNOW! BAD NON!! BAD!!! But they are CUTE!!! Y’all know what a sucker I am for cute!! Besides, what Alice doesn’t know can’t hurt her. Or me!)



  • Diane K. Brimmer

    I really do like these little JamBrites! I think they are just the cutest. With 11 grandkids I could get each one of them one and finally be done with the Christmas presents problem. It is really hard when they range from 17 to 2 years old. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Diane Brimmer

    Those are just so cute! I know several little ones in our family that would just love one. Morgan would love the Sloth. She is so into the Sloths. Now to make some money to fit into our budget as there is 11 of them. Lol

  • Terri S.

    My 2 granddaughters (sisters) would love these. They’re so cute. I like the kitty and the sloth. The sound you get from them is amazing for their small size. Great Christmas gift for them.

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