Jumping Sumo Bounce Car EXCELLENT Christmas Gift Idea!

What is black and red, 5½” by 4½” and bounces, races, jumps and spins like 6-year-old Alice on too much Halloween Candy?! I’ll tell you what it’s the Jumping Sumo Bounce Car and it is so dang much fun I’m NOT sure I can give it to Alice when I move! It may have to continue to be a NaNa’s house toy. California or Idaho!

The Jumping Sumo has a very Star Wars look to it. It’s fast. It’s super easy to learn to use. I handed Alice the remote, the Jumping Sumo and she went to town.
Bounce car
There is no assembly required. The Sumo completely assembled with large 4½” rubber tires. Sturdy plastic body. This little guy takes a beating and keeps on going.

Out of the box I immediately charged the Sumo. I did an over night slow charge for the first, it’s not something that was recommended I just didn’t take the time to charge it during the first day.

Red Sumo RacerOn the top is a red cut out with the on/off symbol. The charging port is just to the back side. Regular charging is fast approximately 2 hours. The USB charging cord is included. A 2 hour charge gives Alice 50 minutes of play time and let me tell you what, this little guy is addicting to play with. It makes THE PERFECT homework bribe! As in “when your homework is finished you can play with the Sumo” Works. Every. Single. Time. Seriously, works so well I wish I would have had this when my kids were little.

The Jumping Sumo will go forward, backward, he will turn left, right. Quick turns, rapid spins and the best part is the BOUNCE!! The first day, before Alice arrived I played with the Sumo. I was not expecting the JUMP. The almost 17″ off the ground bounce, I have to admit it scared me and I jumped almost as high as the Sumo. Would have made an EXCELLENT America’s Funniest Video. With practice you can make the Bounce Car jump as high as 31½”.

The Sumo Bounce Car itself has a 3.7V 250mAh lipo battery. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included.


NONE!! Did you see Alice’s face in the video?! She is having a blast with this thing. Okay, FINE!! When she is gone home for the day I’m having a blast too!
This would make a perfect Christmas Gift.
The car is very sturdy. The remote is easy to use. Best of all It’s SO MUCH FUN!!!


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