Kid Sleep Moon Review

Does your child get up before the sun even rises? Does that same child want the entire house awake too?? Then you REALLY need the Kids Sleep Moon; an awesome tool for helping your child get into a better sleep and wake routine. The Kid Sleep Moon is a BRILLIANT product to help you sleep train your child! Absolutely brilliant!!

This adorable little bunny clock with the raising and setting sun help teach even the youngest child when to go to bed and when it’s okay to get up. Your child doesn’t have to be able to tell time to use this clock.

The main focus of the Kids Sleep Moon is for mornings. Rather than your child being awake and wanting the entire house to be awake at 5 A.M; your child learns to stay in bed or in their room until the BUNNY is awake! The bunny wakes up at a time you’ve set on the clock. There is even a setting for the weekends. How smart is that?!?!? It’s not morning until the BUNNY IS awake!! A few reminders at night before bed will help set that message in your child’s mind. It took about 2 almost 3 weeks for us.

There are two face plates enclosed. One is full sleeping bunny the other photo plate is split in half with a picture showing a bunny that’s awake and the other side asleep. There is a slot on the back of the Sleep Moon for the extra plate.

The bedtime process is really my favorite feature of the Sleep Moon. Instead of Momma or Daddy being the bad guy saying it’s bedtime, the Go To Sleep mode is programmable time feature (the default at 10 minutes). A push of a button starts the timer. BRILLIANT!! The side light fades from sunny yellow to night time blue and followed by a chime. Now, bedtime becomes a game instead of a fight.

I love that Sleep Moon has an enclosed AC Adapter and 3 AA battery back up.

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There is also a setting for nap time! Again, brilliant! The Sleep Moon gives you so many ways to personalize it for YOUR FAMILY and your routines!!


Menu button Select; Up and Down Buttons. Using the clock face on the front you interact with the menu
GS “Go to Sleep” This starts the countdown timer. You must push the GS button each time, this isn’t an automatic feature.
Lullabye Several different tunes available to choose from
Backlight intensity 4 different levels available. The brightest is very bright!
Alarm on/off
Weekday/weekend selection switch

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The physical switches are awesome for parents to set, but equally nice for kids to play with and change the settings. I fixed this by putting the Sleep Moon high up. Problem solved!

Two very enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY UP for Kids Sleep Moon! Not only is it cute but it WORKS!!! Be patient, this isn’t an overnight, magic clock but after 3 weeks it’s working GREAT!!!

Follow Claessens’ Kids on Facebook. Be sure to check out their website too for many other Sleep Moon products AND the coolest diaper bag I’ve ever seen!! It doubles as a seat for your toddler!! If you’ve ever had to carry a heavy toddler around you’ll want to see this one!!

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