Kids can do it!!

Okay, seriously??? I can’t HULA HOOP!??!?!?!? SMALL CHILDREN can hula hoop!!! I had one when I was a kid I have hooped before! ……… so COME ON!!!

I bought one called ‘acu-hula-hoop’. It has these silver 1″ wide METAL balls inside the hoop (okay okay I know….I know… YOU would have kept shopping…after YOU saw the metal balls. I on the other hand… well… never mind!!) anyway everytime the hoop falls it hits my knee. (I have a very nice silver dollar size bruise on the outside of my knee) and have yet to get the dang hoop to go around a full time!! I am NOT having fun! I am having pain. Stupid hula hoop!! I’m going back to hula hooping on the wii… where I still suck ……… but at least it doesn’t leave a bruise. Anyone wanna buy a used weighted hula hoop? (It’s too late to say “works great!!” right?)

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