Such a hard head!!

I know better but old habits die hard!!! BUT….Since I’ve “already blown my diet THIS week” what’s MORE bad food choices??” AUGH!! NOW I have pizza guilt!! (It did taste really good though!)

The smart thing would have been to get right back on the diet life style change wagon today……. but noooooooo not me!! I’m telling you right now I am SO NOT WEIGHING IN ON WEDNESDAY!!! You can’t make me…. you can’t make me! NO NO NO!!!

I also received my weighted hula hoop while I was in Vegas (seeing Cher!) and ummmm yea…. I can’t HULA HOOP???!!! I don’t remember hula hoops being THIS hard to do. Maybe I have a broken or defective one. Yes, it’s round…. no it doesn’t have holes or a gap in it…. but I can’t keep it from hitting the ground! It must be BROKEN!!! I can’t be that uncoordinated!?!? Can I?? WAIT….don’t answer that! I will keep trying. But so far I can’t get it to go one time around.

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