How To Choose the Best Vape Pen


The world of cannabis smoking is going through a revolution. No longer does one have to find rolling papers, grinders, or clips. With the onset of vaping, cannabis is now available in waxes and oils that are easier to smoke without having to fill the room in a cloud of grooviness. The most important tool you need in the cloud-free experience of vaping is the perfect herb vaporizer pen. With so many on the market and so many different pens in high demand, here is a list of what to look for when you are choosing your next vape pen. 

Charging Power

Nothing is more dreadful and sad than reaching for your vape pen only to have it be dead and unable to use. It’s a huge bummer. You can avoid this devastating event from occurring by getting a vape pen with long lasting battery power. A quick internet search will link you the best pens with the best batteries that won’t let you down.

Air Flow

The most important thing about a vape pen, whether it’s one of these high potency delta 9 vapes or a normal nicotine vape, is that it works. The only way it can fully work is if it has a good airflow going. When you pull on your pen, your vape should be smooth and cough and struggle-free. Choose a vape that has a wide enough mouthpiece and opening so you can fully enjoy your smoke.

Thread Compatibility

You never want your vape pen to have a shoddy cartridge that could break or overall mess up your pen and vaping experience. What’s worse is that you don’t want a cartridge that won’t fit your pen. Always be on the lookout for a pen that offers 510 thread compatibility. Ccell cartridges are the best and can even be brand made so that they give the optimal vaping experience for any kind of pen.

Automatic Turn-off

This goes back to charging power. You don’t want to have a full charge, but in your feeling–good-haziness, forget to turn your pen off, completely depleting the pen’s full power. Finding a pen with automatic turnoff ensures that you will keep the life of your battery at a decent charge for as long as you can without wasting necessary power leading to an unpleasant surprise when you go to use your pen. 

Up To Date Style

Shop Smoko for latest style of vape pens that offer more comfort, less stress on your throat, and better charging experiences. Choose a pen that offers USB charging for optimal charging and a style that suits your personality so that you can be happy while you are vaping.

Money Back Guarantee

Pens are the entirety of your vaping experience. You must have some kind of comfort in knowing that your pen will always show up for you, and in the event that it cannot, you will be able to replace it at no cost. When buying your next vape, get one with a warranty so that if there is a hiccup with using your pen, you can continue your adventure without any delays. 



  • Michael Coovert

    I am not a pot smoker, but it seems like vape pens would just be so much easier than everything else. To me, it makes perfect sense. But what do I know?

  • Christa

    I think it can be really difficult to find a good vape pen especially when there are so many out there to choose from. There are so many out there that aren’t reliable and many just turn to regualar smoking again because of all the options. The best thing new smokers can do is turn to a friend to ask their advice and many times the friend doesn’t know. So thank you for posting this article with the information about what to do.

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