$50 Your Way Giveaway July 2021

$50 Your Way Giveaway

Yup, I forgot to day was the first so I had nothing ready to post! I guess better late than not at all!?

In my defense I’m getting mega excited about the Grandgirls arriving on the 7th!!

I have so many projects ready to do I am hoping its enough to intice them off their electronics (wish me luck!!).

I can’t wait for that first hug!!!!

Then add the fact that Sandpoint Idaho has been in triple digit heat. It is turning me into a napping slug! BUT, I have so much to do before the girls get here.  I need air-conditioning!! Or energy or a little cooler weather for a full day…. then I can power through the cleaning.


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!


441 thoughts on “$50 Your Way Giveaway July 2021

  1. Spent most the day trying to relax. I did go to lunch with my daughter and grandson and did a little baby shopping since we now know what she’s having

  2. The day has gone well. Lots of outdoor activities and now the kids are all safely tucked away in their beds.

  3. Today was my daughters baby shower/gender reveal. It went great. It was lots of work and 104 degrees. So hot!

  4. I hope everyone had an amazing July and even better August!! Good luck everyone and thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Staying indoors today, too much smoke from wildfires! But I have lots of things to keep busy.

  6. My day is going fine so far. I was given a strawberry cupcake from a bakery. It was the best cupcake I have ever eaten – delicious!

  7. Kind of a gray day here, literally and figuratively. It’s rainy and overcast outside, kind of a gray cloud indoors, too. My ‘honorary aunt’ is not doing well. Really, the only thing that could help her is a miracle. Not that I discount miracles–I sometimes think the only reason I’m still here might be a miracle…but the odds are never good for that. I’m not sure she feels she has a reason to fight too much. She lost her only child, her son, many years ago to leukemia, and her husband has been dead for many years, too. Of course, she has her sisters and nieces and nephews, but I know she’s thinking about joining the ones she doesn’t have anymore.

  8. I have had a very busy day so far. My refrigerator broke so I am cleaning out the old one and getting a new one.

  9. Going to be a busy afternoon/evening. My step sons are bringing the grandkids over to visit & have a bbq.

  10. I went to dialysis and took a short nap and then did more running around for my daughters baby shower/gender reveal tomorrow.

  11. Just kind of an ugh day, lol. Found out last night that an honorary aunt (actually my cousin’s aunt on her Mom’s side, but I was raised around her so much that I feel like she’s my aunt, too.) is dying. Lung cancer. We were hoping it could be treated but it can’t. Not what anyone wanted to hear.

  12. Was busy today so housework is minimal over the weekend. Trying to stay cool also. Today was the hottest day this year.. a lovely balmy 107 lol

    1. That’s 41 in our Celsius scale – bloody hell! We’re back down to 14C, about 57 in your language!

  13. My day has been just okay so far. I am feeling a bit under the weather. We are supposed to have both sun and thunderstorms today.

  14. I’m getting snow blind from all this white paint. More thunder storms all last night and I’ve got a chill from getting soaked in the rain the other day.

  15. all the wind and rain blew the Sahara dust away so the sky is a lovely bright blue and the sun is shining…Cannot wait to get outside and enjoy this glorious weather.

  16. Nothing new here. Still super hot and humid. Just made dinner and about to Netflix and chill 😉

  17. My day is going hot just got home from doing some running around town and it is way way way too hot out there I am so sick of this summer.

  18. Man I feel old. One of my nephews turns 16 today. He should still be about 3!!!! In my head, he’s 3, lol.

  19. After yesterdays shenanigans with my mom and a rainy day I am ordering take out and being a couch potato!

  20. It’s working on being the hottest day of the year so far! It’s just miserable outside. I’m ready for Fall!

  21. Yellow alert that looks like it will get to Orange soon.. pouring tropical rain.. Guess I have to stay out of trouble today and work under the house…

  22. Yesterday we had hailstones, thunder, torrential rain, glorious sunshine, power blips and all. Poor roses are getting a hammering.

  23. It was a crazy busy day! My mom had a Dr appt and of course she screwed up the time so we had two hours to kill. We just did our itinerary in reverse and went shopping first. Not to mention its my husbands birthday and he changed his mind at the last minute as to what he wanted for dinner. For some reason th pizzeria didn’t have any white garlic pizza slices…unless he wanted broccoli or a whole one…they have always made a fresh one before when we’ve ordered slices. Settled on stromboli. Then I forgot to get myself something!!! I’m beat and ready for bed!

  24. 98 degrees. Bleh. Glad my car has great air conditioning. Did go out to Costco and Natural Grocers. Costco chicken for dinner tonight.

  25. My day is going pretty well today. I just spoke to an old friend on the phone for hours and it was so nice to catch up.

  26. I’m tired and head-achy today but it’s threatening thunder. Sooner the better to clear the air.

  27. Still pouring rain. Watching my neighbour try to concrete a new driveway…what a muddy mess…feel so sorry they started this project now…

  28. I’m so tired of dieting, lol. You know what I really want? I want to be one of those people who can eat ANYTHNG and never gain a pound!! But I need to lose about 30 pounds to ensure that my knee surgery has the best chance to succeed, so I’m going to keep dieting… Sigh. I want a cheeseburger.??????????

    1. There’s a train of thought that says it’s possible to have the goodies and still lose weight, just by counting the calories. I can’t do it that way – all or nothing with me. Have you tried shakes/meal replacements? Some swear by them. You can have all the cheeseburgers you want when you’re dancing on tables again! Of course you probably won’t want them then!

  29. My day is going fast our Internet was out for a whole week so I had thousands of emails to look at today.

  30. It is going to be a great day. It is going to be a great day. Saying it enough will make it true. It is going to be a great day.

  31. My day is going fine so far. I have some errands to run. We’re having fried chicken for supper tonight.

  32. My sister got bitten by a horse fly yesterday – always severe reaction to these nasty things, so Dr., drugs etc. Anyway, she’ll be ok but her leg’s swollen badly & hurts like hell. I had to collect my niece from Dublin in her stead so lost best part of a day’s painting.

  33. Watching the sunrise this morning and it looks like a painting. wish I could go to the art ,museum and a few galleries today but all are still closed..Guess I shall dig in the garden instead . lol

  34. Great day so far, but I just woke up, so there hasn’t been enough time for anything bad to happen.

  35. I don’t think I slept more than 4 hours any night for the last week. I just don’t feel sleepy at night…but around noon or so, yeah, I’m ready to crash, lol.

    1. I think we should all adopt the Spanish tradition of siesta if this global warming gets any worse.

  36. My day is going okay. Slow and relaxing. Have a busy week coming up and don’t want to over do it & have a flare up of pain.

  37. Day isn’t going well, had to make an appointment to see my doctor about this pain in my leg & foot. I think it is my sciatica again.

  38. My day has gone fine so far. We had an early start today. We had an important appointment and are now back home.

  39. I am totally rested and ready for the day. Have to weed a flower bed, put in new plants and if the day is still young start cleaning out the barn. We haven’t had sheep and goats for 2 years now it is time to either buy some new ones or shut down the barn..

  40. Last week of decorating before we put the house on the market. No more putting things on the long finger, got to just get on with it but it’s so blooming hot!

  41. My day has been good but boring. There’s no one to visit today, but at least the sun isn’t cooking my town today.

  42. We wanted to go swimming today but it has been cloudy off and on. I hope everyone had a great day!

  43. Nice relaxing Sunday! Hot & humid out but comfy inside. Going to try zucchini chips in the air fryer .

  44. Didn’t sleep well last night. Other than needing more sleep, it’s been a good Sunday morning so far.

  45. Slept 10 hours last night! Starting on the 2nd half of Dad’s room today when I can get moving! The weather’s due to change this week with thunder storms & buckets of rain on their way.

  46. Glorious Sunday. As I sit here with coffee I am not planning anything! All I want to do is enjoy this day with music and my book.. I believe my body needs a rest today.

  47. It was a great day. It was my brother’s birthday. It was great to have my family together for his birthday.

  48. My day is going great! I had a great dinner with my family and we watched a fantastic movie together!

  49. Sitting here watching the Olympics–skateboarding, lol. Seems weird to see a sport included that slacker kids did when I was in school. Wonder if these Olympics will go the distance or shut down due to the Delta variant? An American golfer had to pull out because he’s tested positive. Hopefully, they get it done –I hate to see the athletes, who’ve worked so hard for years, miss out.

  50. We got a new kitty a couple of weeks ago. She is so precious! I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!

  51. Happy Birthday Zachary! A ‘cold’ front came through overnight and it’s only 87 instead of yesterday’s 97.

  52. Spent my morning making potato salad & macaroni salad for a small picnic I’m throwing together for my husband. Celebrating his 60th tomorrow. Hoping his sons show up and mine too. A few friends said they would stop by. Now to convince him to not wear his boxers all day since its kind of a surprise as I didn’t want to get his hopes up.

    1. Reminds me of Mum trying to subtly suggest that Dad shave & shower early when friends were coming down for a birthday lunch … I hate it when she does this … I like my grubby shorts, I swear she shrinks them in the wash, these fit fine … if I shave now I’ll have to shave again tonight …

  53. Lawn man has been here since half 5. has to get everything cut before the rain starts again… As for me raking this afternoon.

  54. I changed a light switch last night! By myself! Looked it up on YouTube, switched the electricity off & did it. Saved myself an electrician’s call out fee 🙂

  55. My brother’s family got back from NYC on Thursday, and when he came by he had his mask on again, told me to put mine on–he says we need to be cautious since he’s been in New York. He’s right, I know. But I had to dig for my mask, lol. I had put it away in my purse since I usually only need it when I go out to the doctor, etc. Also, he doesn’t want the kids to come by until 2 weeks have passed. Practical, I know. Yes, we’ve been vaccinated, but why risk catching it even if you might not be very sick. Makes sense.

    1. The Delta variant is hitting fully vaccinated people (and some asymptomatic). Not worth the risk.

  56. Definitely been a day to stay indoors, another muggy one. Been fighting off a bad headache as well.

  57. Still painting away. Got up early to get some done while it’s relatively cool. Off for a shower in the garden now! Yay hay!!!

      1. There’s 100 feet of hot water in the hosepipe from the sun – not going to let that go to waste! And it’s free!!!

  58. Under strict CJ orders.. yesterday kneeling on pad ( blah) weeding…today I plan on doing some cleaning of the cistern…she plans on assisting me…I am so very grateful for her…

    1. Doesn’t it suck when someone loves you and has your best interests at heart…lolol. ????? Have fun in the garden…cisterns are never fun!

  59. Good swim with my friends, then grocery pick up. Got home to an email that says I’ve won a $25 Visa. Yea!
    (Connie, I could still use the $50 from you…..)

  60. Once again the laundry monster got me. yay me! Nothing new or exciting here though we did get a pizza oven!

  61. My day has gone fine so far. We had some delicious seafood for lunch. Now it is leftovers for supper!

  62. change of plans due to the weather. a t-storm popped up and the outside day has turned into an inside day. thanks

  63. My day is going pretty good. Ran errands while it was still cool. Now waiting for charcoal to get ready and grill some burgers!

  64. My Mom is sick, worried about her because she is elderly with other health issues. Took her some food. Been a busy day.

  65. Today will be a much slower work day. Yesterday I was doing my last rake detail and caught a splintered stump on my pants.. it tore the cloth and hooked me and down I went face first…No real damage but my face and right side will be all the colors of the rainbow soon…must admit it was a hard fall…very glad that job is done….

    1. OW! Well, you know what CJ will say, don’t you! Be careful & take it easy for a day or two at least. PLEASE!

    2. Oh no! I’m glad you weren’t badly hurt…but that’s scary. You amaze me with how you go-go-go. I sit-sit-sit, lol. But please go slow and take care!

  66. Rather than waste the hot water in the hosepipe before watering the garden I showered with it! Just as well I’m not overlooked by neighbours 😉

    1. Oh, wow, lol. I just saw this. Missed it yesterday. Soon a neighbor kid will spot you and start selling tickets!! (Just be sure to get your cut of the proceeds!)

  67. Today started chilly and slow. Boy did it warm up!!! Grilled dinner and now relaxing and searching for my husbands birth mom.

  68. Had another Sensory Garden tour today with 10 munchkins. They decorated the pots and then planted either basil, marigolds or portulaca .

  69. The pain in my leg & foot are a bit better today. It’s been a busy morning so far. Sure is hot & humid again, looks like storms might pop up

  70. Probate has come through meaning the house must be sold asap. Goddamn, it’s hard to paint in this heat but paint I must.

    1. Oh Kate praying that you get thru this quickly and in peace… Sometimes life is hard but by the grace a new place awaits you…

      1. Hope so! Been looking online since Christmas & the only places I’ll be able to afford are on the other side of the country and some are in need of serious TLC.

        1. Been there. When I was ready to leave the nursing home, I had no place to go. The house I had lived in had had to be given up eventually– and with the pandemic the housing authority wasn’t really helping out people. Fortunately, I had my brother and sister-in-law, who know everybody (she’s a nurse, he’s a manager at Walmart)– they put the word out about what I needed and something came through. I guess I could say trust in the Universe/God/whatever you trust in, but here’s some actual practical advise: tell people you trust who have contacts what you need. People really do like to help out like that! Everybody knows somebody, and one of those somebodies will come up with something that works for you. PUT THE WORD OUT! If something opens up, you want to hear about it first. You’re a person that people like, Kate! They will want to help out.

  71. I only have one more day of light bush work before my tree man comes to shape some trees. glad it is over…then tomorrow on to weeding.

  72. We had a full day of running errands and Dr appointments. Ended the day at our local car hop diner eating our favorite foods!

  73. My day is going fine so far. We had frozen dinners that we were given for lunch. They are not gourmet meals, but they are quick and easy.

  74. Another scorcher but there’s a bit of a breeze at least. All the local farmers are cutting grass & cereals so it’s noisy from dawn till the early hours. Ah, the peace of the countryside!

  75. I went out yesterday and did all my shopping in about 3 hours.. the shoppes were empty and the longest part of the morning was the temp taking and sanitizing! In for about 2 weeks now…

  76. Quiet day at home. My HOA finally got around to getting the tree trimmers out and removed the big branch covering my west facing window. Now I realize how much the extra shade had kept my place cooler. Too hot.

  77. I am having a just ok day today it’s way too hot and I’m getting real tired of the heat and wildfires here it’s super scary.

  78. Husband and I are in a motel 6 with our cat and we’re looking for a place to live in Northern Idaho.

  79. My day has been fine so far. I went to the library this morning even thought it was raining. More thunderstorms are expected later today.

  80. Today has been good so far. My daughter had media camp. It’s been pretty hot & humid also.

  81. This day last week I was on my sister’s doorstep singing Happy Birthday in torrential rain. Now we’re in a heatwave – phew! The paint’s drying as I’m applying it 🙁

  82. It’s been a slightly dreary day, lol. By that I mean, it rained off and on. Other than that, nothing is happening here, lol.

  83. Good swim today without my friend who has family in town. A bit hotter today with no storms forecast.

  84. My day is going well. The hot weather makes me lazy so I’m home on my laptop with the air conditioning blasting.

  85. It is a lazy day for me today. I am doing nothing but eating and watching shows on dvd with no commercials woohoo.

  86. My day is going fine so far. We had thunderstorms last night. More thunderstorms are predicted for today.

  87. One year since Mum died. So many changes in that time and yet it feels like yesterday. It’s too hot to go to the grave, maybe later.

    1. I hear ya. I get a little down in July. I know it’s because even my subconscious knows this is the month Mom died. Oh, well, we’ll both rebound soon…

  88. Happy Sunday! Well today is a bright sunny day with a clear blue sky. Planning on sitting in the sunshine and enjoying my day. Have to run out to the village tomorrow so making my lists as we speak.

  89. Today was a busy day. spent time planning and shopping for my daughters baby shower/gender reveal party

  90. Great get together for Sage Singers. Almost 40 people came to the pot luck. So fun to see everyone in person after a year and a half.

  91. it’s going. woke up to a lot of smoke from far away fires again. makes it dangerous to go outside. thanks

  92. A rainy day here in New York. I did go get a nice chicken bbq dinner from the Moose Lodge and have been snacking on that most of the day.

  93. My day is going pretty good just taking it easy today. Dealing with customer service at Twitter is just about impossible so that has me a little stressed out.

  94. I looked at the clock and it says 2:30. I’m getting slower and slower cleaning the house. I am taking too many breaks, me thinks. lol

  95. It’s Flying Ants Day in Ireland, a moveable feast day when swarms of the little b**gers fill our skies. Haven’t seen many here but it’s too hot to go out anyway! We’re basking in the 80s (v. hot for us!).

  96. It is pouring buckets outside this morning so what to do? Bake of course. As soon as breakfast is over light up the oven!

  97. Wonderful to have a Sensory Garden tour today after a year and a half. 10 people. We toured the Sensory Garden and then they planted either basil or marigolds or portulaca to take home. Weather was sunny and not too hot. And another tour planned for next Wednesday. In prior years I’d usually do a tour at least every other week from June through September.

  98. My day is going pretty good. I just got home from doing some running around town. I got a take and bake pizza for dinner so that should be yummy.

  99. Storming here. Thunder, lightning, buckets of rain. and it’s supposed to keep it up through the night.

  100. lots of smoke in the area from other places making it hard to breathe. the people living close to the fires have my heart. thanks

  101. My day is going fine so far. I put a new tablecloth on the kitchen table so it is bright and cheery. We are having pizza for lunch.

  102. Still feel pretty awful. It’s times like this I wish I liked coffee or Cola – a dose of caffeine would come in very handy!

  103. I am still in a clorox frenzy so today I will scrub the walkways and other concrete areas.Thank goodness I do it frequently in rainy season so they never get bad.. After that transplant some flowers and dead head others.

      1. I know, I know… My daughter laughs and blames my father and his strict Hungarian work ethic.. work work work Michele he used to day. God love him.

  104. Good swim with friends. The water was very nice and warm today. Weather is being nice. Currently 77 degrees. Just right for me.

  105. I honestly didn’t do much at all today. Not like my normal busy self. I hope you are having fun with the grandkids 🙂

  106. Busy day with my mom. Had to take her to get a Novacaine shot in her hip. They are trying everything to eliviate her pain since they can’t get her in for surgery until after November. Got her home and resting now. May have to look into getting her a wheelchair temporarily.

  107. My day is off to a good start. I have been putting off buying some things that I need. I dread it but I am going shopping online. I said it so no excuses, now.

  108. Sore glands, sore arm and feeling like a horse is sitting on me. Like the hangover from hell without the headache. Still, tons better than the alternative!

  109. the cistern is finally clean and white! Went on top yesterday and with a jug of clorox and my heavy broom I scrubbed all the mold etc off the top..Today if the weather holds I will do the sides and the steps going up. Next week to the hardware to buy some white paint and get to painting!

  110. I found a site with old 1970’s rock magazines, so I’ve frittered away an entire day there, naturally, lol.

  111. Another hot day in New York. Ran errands for my mother in law now relaxing before dinner clean up.

  112. My day is going pretty good just got home from running around town and now I am trying to cool down.

  113. My day is going fine so far. It seems a little overcast . I have a trip to the dentist later today. Fun, fun, fun!

  114. The day just started but so far it is going okay. It is supposed to rain today which we really need!

  115. Reaped a large bunch of plantain yesterday. Making a plantain pie and giving some away today.

  116. Poor Idris is heading for the vet this morning. He’s got the same thing as this time last year, harvest mites or seasonal allergies. He got quite poorly last year so not taking any chances. I’ve taken down all the shelves in Dad’s room & filled the holes last night ready for painting. AND IT’S STOPPED RAINING!!!!!

  117. It has been rainy and nasty for 3 days!! Im ready for some sunshine!! Have a wonderful day everyone!

  118. My day is going pretty good so far. I’m just doing stuff around the house today and avoiding the triple digit heat outside.

  119. Its a super humid day in New York! Could barely breathe when I ran to the deli to get a sub. Wanted to stay in car because it was nice and cold! Came home and turned the second AC on to get rid of the stickiness!

  120. Sigh. Dentist appointment on Thursday, and I’m already dreading it. I hope things aren’t too bad, lol. I don’t have a toothache, just some sensitivity.

  121. The glory of having a wonderful child. Last evening my daughter sat me down and told me that she was worried about me. She told me that ( at my age) LOL I do too much heavy work on the land it concerns her that something will happen to me, a bad fall etc…she told me to please re-evaluate , just because you still are strong enough does not mean you should. Wow ok. As of today I will start to delegate certain things to my yard man when he comes..this means I have to wait to have things done..

  122. Got my 2nd vax last night and got very little sleep between a sore arm & the blooming hip. Then at 8am council workers started digging up the road outside. Mains water is coming to Monamolin!

    1. Yay. You’re fully vaxed. I hope you don’t feel too bad afterwards. Rob and I were both knocked back by that second dose, lol. But just for a day or two.

  123. My fridge went out yesterday and didn’t realize it until 10 at night. I had to pack stuff up and take it to my daughters. today I went to dialysis and then the landlord brought a new fridge.

  124. Checked the weather in Sandpoint for Connie. 93 degrees and no rain in the forecast. Good weather for her guests. Here in Colorado it is 90 degrees with smoke.

  125. I’m finally getting some cleaning done today! Thats sad when you are happy about cleaning..LOL. have a wonderful day everyone!

  126. today is one of those days you had all planned out ahead of time and then you woke up to a whirlwind. thanks

  127. Rainy day. Having a slight allergic reaction to a med but not too bad. Just one of those ‘meh’ days, lol.

  128. I am on the computer and also watching television at the moment. It is hot and smokey outside and everyone here in staying inside.

  129. I’m trying to get as much shifting of furniture done before my vax this evening. Starting on Dad’s Den (computer rm.) this week so taking down shelves, sorting through stuff. All that’s left is my pc & desk & I can move that around as I paint. Oh, and it’s still raining!

  130. sitting here on the computer, drinking coffee and listening to 57 Chevy Internet Radio…how am I going to get my work done? I will get up from this chair eventually…

  131. My day is going pretty good to far. I made a big homemade potato salad this morning and it turned out sooooo good.

  132. Not. great we live in Florida and we are without AC our unit bit the dust and it’s so hot can’t even tell yoiu

  133. Happy Sunday, everyone! I finished my big project and that feels good. Now it is time to start another big project!

  134. It is starting off to be nice. I had make the mistake in thinking yesterday was the 11th. Today is the 11th. It is a long 2 day 11th. Does that even make sense?

  135. Just got pictures of my new great grandson..now to find photo paper and print them out so I can start a new photo album for him..wait, I have to buy a new album also…happy Sunday all!

  136. Another day of rain; it’s chilly and miserable out there. My little sister is 60 tomorrow! Where has it gone?

  137. Watching TV, surfing the net, and eating cocoa dusted almonds…that’s been my day, lol. It’s rained all evening. Dreary Saturday.

  138. today was going well but now there are dark black clouds overhead threatening to rain on my parade. thanks

  139. My day is going well. I spent about an hour in the gardens, but that is all the heat I can take for today!
    Now it’s lemonade and my Kobo.

  140. My day is going fine. Nice and relaxing. Just cooked some hot dogs on the grill with mac & cheese on the side.

  141. My day is going pretty good today. Just staying inside today and binge watching a show and staying out of the triple digit heat wave outside. We are also getting tons of smoke from forest fires so sick of those.

  142. Today is having its ups and downs. There have been some challenges that weren’t anticipated. One step at a time, I guess.

  143. I am going shopping, today. The forecast calls for afternoon storms with strong winds and hail. I better high tail it. The day could take a nasty turn.

  144. I’m getting my 2nd vax on Monday! Thought I’d take a day off painting & try to find the new vax centre (no GPS) instead. Haven’t been out of the house since last weekend so I’m due a break.

  145. My day is going fine so far. Happy Saturday, everyone! I have a huge project to finish up today and tomorrow.

  146. My general wack, mow and general lawn man came yesterday and cut up the fallen tree and pruned a few for me…today I have to lug all the branches away to the green compost piles

  147. Cloudy and almost rainy all day–by which I mean it looked like it was about to rain all day. It hasn’t happened yet. I think I have a ghost, lol. The front bedroom door keeps locking itself! It’s one of those locks you can open from the outside by just using your thumbnail and turning it, but how does it keep locking???

    1. Does the door get slammed (either draught/draft or temper!)? That could do it. I got locked in a hotel room when I was little ‘cos I slammed the door! Put a bit of tape, superglue or bluetack over it, that should sort it.

      1. Nope, No breezes, and that room is carpeted so the door doesn’t move over it unless you push it. Plus I keep it shut. I glance at it now every time I pass it, lol. I want to see if it locks again. Until recently, when I started going through boxes in there, I rarely went in there, so the few times I did I just assumed Rob or a nephew had locked it accidently and closed it–now I know I’m the only one here. It was not locked when I closed it. Oh, well. If I have company, she/he is no trouble, lol. I assume something is wrong with the lock or handle…

  148. My day is going alright I am dealing with computer buffering right now and that makes me a little nuts.

  149. Pretty good day today. Cloudy but humid out. May make a quick trip to the store after my husbands friend leaves. Good day to bbq some pork chops & fresh sweet corn.

  150. The internet service provider had a line cut so I just got on-line. It shows how much I need that connection.

  151. Another tropical wave with a severe weather alert until 4pm today…I am not complaining it could be much worse…

  152. I’ve been sorting through my Grandma’s old cards, letters, etc. I really think she kept every Christmas card she ever got, lol.

  153. Good swim with my friends. Nice to be in the pool when the temp is 101. Then a stop at the library and for a treat a Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger from Smashburger.

  154. Lot’s of rain overnight from Elsa so many dead sticks in the yard. Other than that my day has been pretty good!

  155. My day is going pretty good. I did a lot of running around today grocery store etc and just got home. Boy is my left arm sunburned from just driving in the car it is so hot here I am sick of it.

  156. My day has been nice and relaxing. We’ve had a couple of rain showers but not like the weather on the East coast thanks to Elsa.

  157. Any day that starts with a slice of pie for breakfast has to be a good sign. I’m living for fresh strawberries for a snack.

  158. Just sitting here watching Idris sashaying down the driveway as if he owns the place. He’ll probably jump in through the window, head butt me and demand attention, food and a brushing. Yes, here he comes! Gotta go!

  159. Bright sun except for the grey areas of Sahara dust…this morning have to pick basil to make pesto and rosemary to dry and bottle…

  160. My day was great today. Iwent to the ocean for the day and then cooked on the grill for dinner. I have no complaints with my life.

  161. It was a very busy day for me and I’m glad to finally be home on the couch. Had errands for myself to run then take my mom to the doctor. Stop at my mother in laws for things she had for us. Was going to get hubby a sub before mom & I went grocery shopping but the deli was closed. Ended up getting something from the local diner. I swear it took just as long to put the groceries away as it did buying them! I’m beat!!!!

  162. Doctor day means headache day. Not feeling too well. I hope everyone else is having a good day.

  163. Today has been a good day. The weather is cooler so I opened up my windows! I ran some errands and did laundry.

  164. So far, so good. Too hot for my dog and me to leave the cool house. He is a hot dog, no, he’s a cool dog.

  165. My day is going nice and calm today. I am doing laundry right now almost done, I want to get caught up on it before the heat of the day sets in.

  166. Mum would have been 88 today. And it’s still raining. And it’s Probate Day. Just feeling a wee bit down in the dumps but have to keep painting.

    1. I understand about mum… by the way best of luck with a quick probate – no long waits with piles of paperwork….

    2. Hang in there. It sucks. I don’t have any sage advice. Just sending you good vibes and the knowledge that I hear ya, and I know that feeling.

  167. Worried about my family in the keys and also the west coast of Florida.. In all this weather I just found out a new great grandchild is on the way!!

  168. I saw a rainbow today so that alone made my day. Everything is going good and the weather has been just great,

  169. My day is speeding by here. I just got home from the post office and bank and boy is it hot out there we are all sick of triple digit weather here it’s been like this for three weeks now.

  170. Well, I won something from the Cattlemen’s Association. I enter a lot of those grilling giveaways…but I have no idea what I won because I don’t recall this specific one, lolol. Hey, maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll be a bunch of prime rib!! (More likely I’d win the apron and spatula!)

  171. Today is my birthday! Im spending it with family and I hope everyone else has an amazing day as well!

    1. Happy birthday!! Have a great birthday, eat lots of cake and ice cream ’cause calories don’t count on your birthday (well known fact, right??)

  172. Good day to get all the chores done this morning. Great day for the pool in the afternoon

  173. I got out of bed 10 minutes earlier than usual. I am going to be more productive with that extra time. I think I’ll take a nap or not.

  174. My day is going fantastic even though I had a bad bout with insomnia I checked my emails around 2 a.m & discovered I was the lucky winner from last months giveaway! I now have some extra money to buy my husband a birthday gift!

  175. Home and safe today with all the weather coming. Yesterday was gorgeous so was able to do all my shopping without any worries. So rainy right now that I will just have to take the day off!

  176. Well, I’m slowly making progress on emptying boxes from the closets, lol. so much stuff, 50% of it I just wonder why I ever kept it, lol.

  177. Today was supposed to be cleaning day. With four kids..that never really turns out well..lol.

  178. It was a pretty good day. I’m watching a movie reaction to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  179. Happy Fourth of July! Good swim with my friend and then we went to her house and cooked salmon and steaks on the BBQ. Fresh asparagus and then cherries for dessert.

  180. My day is going pretty good. Just enjoying the holiday and remembering the meaning of it. I am proud to live in the United States of America God Bless our troops.

  181. Happy Fourth of July! Taking a quick break before lighting the grill. Its just the two of us so sausage patties with macaroni salad.

  182. The day is off to a good start. Family is visiting later. The fireworks scare my dog…hate that.

  183. Another bad night’s sleep ‘cos of the pain in my hip. The consultant rang me on Friday and didn’t think it was worth doing any more injections. So exercise (ouch) and painkillers from now on.

  184. Sitting here making all my lists for tomorrow. Going on my monthly shopping .. Want to leave here at 6am to get everything done by 11.. Happy 4th all!

  185. Not too bad of a day. Started cold and rainy but ended nice and warm. Grilled some hot dogs. Now waiting for fireworks to start and watch from our deck.

  186. My day is going pretty good today. Just taking it easy today and doing cleaning around the house and trying to keep cool.

  187. Our day started out great yesterday…our daughter was coming to visit for the weekend. But long story short, she ended up not staying after all. I am living on not much sleep, and so it’s been a pretty crappy day so far. Sorry…usually much more positive but this is one of those rare negative days. I hope yours is going much better!

  188. The day is getting better. I am reintroducing pizza into my diet. I hope it goes well. Fingers crossed. Keeping the ulcer under control.

  189. I went to the grave today for the first time in ages. The mist was so thick I couldn’t see the inscriptions which helped. Going for a nap later as hardly slept at all – one of those tossing & turning nights when you wish you could just switch your brain off.

  190. Thank goodness the tropical wave that is Elsa passed us by.. on its way up the chain to Barbados and beyond… well took yesterday off due to the weather and since it is Saturday and 4th of July weekend in the states taking the rest of the weekend off.. Happy 4th everyone.

  191. It’s been a good day! Getting ready for July 4th holiday weekend! Ready for a visit with family.

  192. Lord, how did we wind up in July this quickly?? It’s so hot, lol. Yes I’ve reached that point in the Summer where I do nothing but complain about the heat and humidity. Hmm, not much happening here. Oh, am I the only one who doesn’t see a link for the Daily Words for July in the entry form? I mean, I found them but someone new here might not.

  193. The sun is out, the temps are in the 80s and the humidity isn’t bad – so a banner July day in Indiana!!

    1. Part of the deal to comment, lol. For it not to be a wasted post, leave ya with this word… Beautiful ?

  194. It’s a Rotten day here, my chronic pain from fibromyalgia and Lupus is acting up bad! It’s partly the heat, partly the humidity (up from rain here in Colorado where we aren’t use to it) and partly getting lots of housework done preparing for our first vacation since our honeymoon 29 yrs ago. Lol glad you said feel free to ramble, I could keep going. lol

  195. My day is going pretty good. I just got home from the grocery store and bank. I was trying to get everything done before it gets over a 100 degrees here again.

  196. Day is going OK. It has been raining, and we have needed it. Did a little cleaning, but it is too dark to do much. I don’t mind it when I have a good excuse!

  197. today is going well. the looming grey clouds have vanished, leaving the promise of a beautiful day. thanks

  198. Much cooler day today in Ohio. Sorry for all the people in the west who are suffering from heat and fires.

  199. Here we are in July. We have a family birthday today. It rained last night and is still raining now.

  200. Good swim with friends. Then a trip to the library. Wanted to read the original Wizard of Oz book.
    Looks like Sandpoint will be a bit cooler this week.

  201. Today was a pretty good day. Pain is under control and I got one of my favorite milkshakes.

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