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Belt ’em Dano or Belt ’em Groove Life #groovelife

First, I admit I am a constant on line shopper. Ebay (gimme that vintage chunky cardigan already or those amazing jeans at garage sale prices), Amazon (come on! Please let the material be what the picture looks like!!), Walmart (no I am not gonna try ’em on I know my size) naaa I’ll just go back tomorrow to return them. Shein (Please make the size I ordered really be MY size) To all of the sites please let me find pants that flatter. Trouble is when I measure I get it wrong. Apparently I think I am WAYYYY smaller (sometimes BIGGER) than I really am.

So, where is today’s whining going you ask??

It’s going to Groove Life BELTS. Betcha didn’t see THAT one coming did ya?!?!

Here is my sad (whoa is me) but truthful whiney story.

Before Covid I had lost a little over 50 pounds. I was doing great. YEAH me!! Then I did what every dieter does; I donated everything and anything that was lose. Except that one super cute embroidered pair of jeans that I LOVE too much!!!

That was one of the reasons pounds started racing back I could always wear them. Second reason is a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. FINALLY, after years of complaining about pain I found a doctor that listened. So, add medication. I’m not saying its 100% the medications fault….. except ummmm YEAH HUH! I mean ……. nevermind. I suppose, I would rather be a chunky chick with no pain than a svelte healthy curvy girl with pain. (OH HELL NO not really, you KNOW me! I want it ALL and I want it all YESTERDAY!!!)

Whine OVER! (For this post anyway!)

All of that to tell you I needed a new belt? Well YEAH! Of course. What ya want me to just start a post with “Hey, I bought a new belt, it’s amazing”  Pfffffffffffftttttttttt have we met?!?!

First we whine. THEN we celebrate!


This is a BIG ONE!! Learn to use the belt before you have a SITUATION!! Seriously people. Practice taking the belt off before nature calls. TRUST ME!! I know it sounds like an easy concept, except this is no ordinary belt. The GROOVE belt from GROOVE LIFE has a strong neodymium magnetic buckle. It’s REALLY strong.


I know exactly what you are thinking here! The first time I try to get off that deep, comfy couch that magnet is gonna pop open and my pants go down. Well, you would be WRONG!! I’ve not only tested that theory. I tested several more!! I tested it outside weeding where I am bending, squatting and reaching. The belt stayed strong.

I’ve tested it doing my Sheena Easton 7 Minute Abs, workout (it’s old but effective. You’ll thank me…… later, not when your stomach hurts and she’s telling you to smile. Later when your stomach is flat) The belt stayed strong.

This magnet is STRONG!!

Tested the belt while fishing. Even rested my pole on the edge wondering will that leave a pole dent?? Nope. Happy to say the GROOVE BELT is still perfect. By the way. Still haven’t caught a ding dong #$(*$&# thing!!! Come ON PEANUTS!!! Let’s put it out to the universe that Connie must catch more fish than The Husband!! Please?? AND the belt stayed strong!

The way I go off topic is what The Husband lives with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ALL. DAY. LONG!! Oh look…. shiny!!!

Groove Belt

More Testing

I tested the belt while on hike on the mountain, where I do carry my pistol. Remember, I have bears that appear very polite and happy from the top deck of my house.

Bear funny

I’m not as trusting if I happen to come up on them on my daily hike. I know you are thinking, how the guacamole does a belt help with a pistol? Because my harness attaches to my belt. My past belts made it impossible to use my harness, either they folded up or weren’t strong enough to keep the harness in place. Yup, you guessed it. The Groove belt stayed strong.


Standing bear

The Buckle
tactical belth
Man oh MAN do I love the buckle.  The buckle isn’t bulky. It lays flat and doesn’t show through clothing, even t-shirts.

Truly since I’ve worn belts, in my past 61 years I’ve never had a belt fit so comfortably from one pair of pants to another. Even to my skirts. WITH NO ADJUSTMENT!!!! I fit this belt one time and done.

I LOVE this BELT!!!!!! Now I must collect all the colors. Might I suggest a pale pink? Ya know…. cause GIRLS like huntin’, fishing, yoga and pink belts too!!

My overall take

Buy a GROOVE BELT. Then when you’ve thrown away all your other belts because NONE OF THEM will match the quality and comfort of this belt go back and buy ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the colors and send me a pink one as a thank you. I’ll send you my address. (Yeah, I’m serious about this pink one! Then we will work on a pale turquoise, I’m not greedy. Or demanding)

I truly do not have even one single complaint with my GROOVE BELT.  Now I’m off….. I have weeding too do. (Just like yesterday, and the day before. I tell ya, those weeds are plotting against me.

Wait………… I forgot to mention GROOVE LIFE has other things!! Watchbands for both men and women. Silicone rings, men, women, sports, Marvel and even customized!. Ya know I’m all about the stacking RINGS right? Well, they EVEN have stackable silicone rings!!  BEAUTIFUL colors!!

Peace out…….

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  • Tamra Phelps

    I like the concept of the groove belt. Belts have always been a pain in the butt for me because they don’t seem to fit me right. But sometimes, you need one.

  • heather

    I say my jeans shrunk in the closet during quarantine so now I need to buyer some bigger sizes so I need a good belt for when I lose some poundage. I also like the look of a nice belt with jeans.

  • heather

    I had not heard of this belt until I read your post now I am super curious and would like to try it. My jeans seemed to have shrunk in the closet during the quarantine lol.

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