Labato iPhone 5 & 5s

I sound like a broken record here, but, I am addicted to cases!! I truly do want one case for my phone in every single color and every single style. Then again for my iPad, yes, every single color and every single style. I have to admit that my Labato cases are a favorite. The quality and workmanship are outstanding! Today my review is about the iPhone 5 Leather Case.

This case is stunning. Made of leather inside and outside. The inside cover is a super soft microfiber lining with “Labato” written on the lining very faintly.

This case is slim and very light weight. It adds absolutely no weight to the phone. The case truly fits the phone like a dream. The phone is fully protected. All of the ports and camera are easily accessible. This is a stunning case! That looks professional and elegant. With the front flap closed you can make out the time as well as answer incoming calls. This case has a cutout for the earpiece which allows you to hear calls without opening the front flap.

The Labato Flip Case for Apple iPhone 5/5s is affordable too!! On Amazon this Labato case is $11.39 and Amazon Prime eligible!!

This Labato case is AWESOME!!  Definitely rates 2 thumbs WAY UP!!!  

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