Curliss Automatic Rotating Curling iron Review

I can’t live without my curling iron. Okay, fine, technically I COULD but I don’t wanna!! My hair is stick straight. It has no bounce, absolutely no curl to it at all. I absolutely love finding products that help me with my hair. This automatic rotating curling iron from Curliss is an amazing find!!

I love everything about this curling iron! The ceramic tourmaline barrel is large and makes great soft curls. I’m thoroughly impressed with the handle; it has a comfortable grip to it with a texture to it that keeps your hand from slipping. I really do love the handle.

I set the desired temperature! The curling iron heats up from 180º to 240º.  I truly love that I can choose how hot I want the curling iron to get. For my fine hair the lower temperature is perfect. No more fried hair! The LCD display is a great added bonus! I can SEE my temperature setting!

The Curliss Auto Rotating Curling Iron also comes in 2 barrel sizes; 1¼”(32mm) barrel and a 1″(25mm) barrel I have the 1¼” barrel and it’s perfect for long hair like my daughters and shoulder length like my own.

The best feature of all with the Curliss is the automatic rotating barrel. The Curliss is so easy to use and the curls come out flawless!! The automated bidirectional rotating barrel is easy to use and offers a quicker hair-styling session.  It’s so easy to use, simply clip the hair to the barrel and let Curliss do the work with the touch of button. It couldn’t be easier to use!!

I have to mention that the construction of the curling iron and as well as well as the clip on the barrel are not flimsy pieces of plastic. The construction is truly worthy of a shout out. I am confident that it won’t break apart after a few months of use.

The curling iron heats up fast and the ceramic tourmaline barrel generates constant and even heat which in turn creates long-lasting perfect curls. Every. Single. Time!!

Another feature that really set’s this curling iron apart is the 360 swivel 8 foot long cord!! The Curliss keeps you from getting your hair tangled while you are styling your hair. That’s an awesome feature.

Curliss even has a safety feature that I’m impressed with; auto shut off!! If you accidentally leave the curling iron unattended it will shut off on its own. LOVE that!!  For those of you that travel this is perfect! The Curliss has Dual voltage and can be used worldwide with any plug adapter.

MORE to LOVE! Life Time Warranty – YES !!! LIFE TIME!! This really is the only curling iron you will ever need.


Nope! Not a single one!! Easy, easy, easy to use! I set the heat temperature, 8 foot cord, LIFETIME warranty. What could I whine about?? I’m done curling my hair before my arm gets tired! What’s not to love about that?!



  • Carol S.

    I have wanted to try one of these out. The ceramic barrell is supposed to be more gentle on your hair. And a life time warranty – wow! I may have to stop putting off buying one and just go do it!

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