Why Moms Hate Going to the Doctor’s Office

There are a lot of struggles in a mother’s daily life. Many moms will quickly find out which activities and tasks will be the biggest struggle, and which of those can be avoided to keep the peace within their homes. For many mothers, going to the doctor’s office is one of those struggles.

Many kids and parents dislike going to the doctor for a number of reasons. This makes it easy for moms to skip the important check-ups for themselves and their kids. Here are some of the reasons why moms hate going to the doctor’s office, and how they can make each trip better for everyone.

They do not have a good doctor

Sometimes the worse part about going to the doctor’s office is the doctor him or herself. It is essential for every family to have a doctor that they not only like seeing, but also that they can trust and rely on. This is not always an easy thing to find, but searching for the best doctor can make every visit more enjoyable. Adjusting your healthcare plans might help you find a better doctor in your area.

There is no entertainment for the kids in the waiting room

Keeping kids occupied in the waiting room can be a real struggle, especially if parents have to wait a long time. There is usually some entertainment in the waiting room, but it is not always adequate or appropriate for some kids. Moms should prepare by bringing some of their kid’s favorite toys and books to help them pass the time without a struggle.

Why Moms Hate Going to the Doctor

There are a lot of sick people there

Of course, everyone goes to the doctor usually because they are sick. This is a danger that no mom wants to expose her kids or herself too. It is important for families to learn what practices can help them avoid picking up an illness while at the doctor’s office. Some of these habits include using the provided hand sanitizer and avoiding touching public areas.

Everyone can get scared of the doctor’s office at times

The doctor’s office can be a scary place for everyone. Most typically, young children under the age of 3 are the most terrified. Many parents find that they just need to wait it out until their kids are older and deal with the traumatic visits until then. Other parents might find that rewards after the visit can help calm their kids.

Kids have no motivation to behave

As was just mentioned, rewards can be a great tool to help kids behave with the doctor. This can not only help the doctor get a better idea of what to do to help the child, but also help parents avoid screaming matches with their kids in the waiting room. Many doctors will still give out suckers at the end of each visit, which can be really beneficial. Otherwise, moms can give the reward to be the good guy at the end of the day.

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  • Nancy C

    I can relate to these reasons: 1. There is nothing for kids to do in the waiting room and 2. There is no motivation for kids to behave. As a stay at home mom, I need to bring my kid along and it’s tough!

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