Label Label Key Caps Giveaway!!

KeyHow many keys are on your key ring? I have one for each of my kids homes, my mom’s house, my house and on and on and on!! One thing I noticed about my keys is they all look ALIKE!!  No doubt I REALLY need to get in..dancing around…..all the while trying to figure out which key is which!! Not anymore!! Check out these key covers from Label Label Key Caps.

Label Label Key Caps are absolutely perfect way to get organized and STAY organized!!  Not only are these key covers super stretchy but they are bright and colorful so they look great on my key ring!

My daughter works for the local police department, her ring of keys is insane! She was thrilled with the Label Label Key Caps! These are made to fit and MOLD over the top of any shape key.

Label Label Key Caps arrives with 16 pre-printed labels for Home, Garage, Gate and Office a sheet of blank labels to print from your computer or hand write them.

These are SO COOL!!! As if the label wasn’t enough, our keys are also color coded!! No more fumbling at the door!!

The labels wrap around the top of the actual key and can be easily removed if needed.

These would be a perfect house-warming gift!!  Or a very welcome gift for your janitor friends, teachers, landlords!

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Not a single one! I can easily find the correct key. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!


FIVE very lucky and soon to be very organized Peanut Butter and Whine followers will win a multi-pack of Label Label Key Caps



  • Only for residents in USA/shipping only within the USA.
  • No purchase necessary
  • Odds of winning depend on times entered (Multiple entries allowed, the more you do the higher your chances of winning)
  • Winner will be chosen at random


  • Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    We own a 3-Flat (and live in the largest unit. The building is very large and VERY OLD and we have more key than I can count!

    Just for our unit (including our car, the garage and our mailbox) we each have 7-8. Each of the other units (including front and back entrances and mail boxes) would be 5 each… Now mind you we don’t use or carry all of those keys most of the time ~ but we do need to have all of them handy, labelled and easy to identify at a moment’s notice ~ so we could REALLY REALLY use this prize!

  • Kelly Brown

    I have 6 keys on my key ring…including my house, my car, my husbands car, my classroom as well as my son’s truck key! This would be great for me to have!

  • Sarah L

    I have 3 keys on my main key ring, but I house sit and have several others on another – these are the ones I want to label.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Laura

    There are at least a billion keys on my key ring! Not really, but it feels like that sometimes. In reality probably upwards of 10 🙂

  • Dawn Monzu

    Oh boy….there are at least 9 keys on my key ring! The sad thing? I actually need all of them! It would be great to have these to organize my keys!

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