Laser Treatments Versus Alternative Methods

All of us strive to take better care of our skin. With so many products and treatments available, it can seem like an overwhelming task to pick the right one. Choose the wrong one and it winds up being a waste of both time and money. How can you avoid making that mistake? Knowing something about each treatment will help you make the best treatment choice.

Mild Skincare
If your skincare issue is extremely mild, such as minimal wrinkles or age spots, you might find that serums, lotions, or creams work well. Skin tightening creams work by tightening up the mildest of wrinkles and crows feet. The results won’t be long lasting, so you will need to apply them regularly. Lotions and creams don’t work well unless they actually contain anti-aging ingredients. Even then, the results may not be noticeable enough to justify using them.

Ultherapy is another option for mild to moderate skincare. It uses ultrasound technology to treat the skin with noticeable results. While it costs more than serums and creams, it does a much better job of reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It is only FDA approved for use on the face, neck, and decolletage.

Moderate Skincare
Whether it’s unwanted hair, wrinkles, cellulite, or unsightly scars, most people seek out a cosmetic clinic for treatments. However, understand that each of these issues is treated with a different cosmetic device. There is no one-size-fits-all device to treat every issue. The laser used for hair removal will be different than the one used to remove a scar. For moderate skin issues, professional treatments are the most effective.

Chemical peels are also effective at resurfacing the skin, but have somewhat long recovery times. The process uses chemicals to exfoliate the dead skin cells from the surface. The hazard with this method is that it leaves the skin raw and open to infection until it heals.

Radio frequency treatments use sound waves to treat the skin deep down. If you cannot have laser treatments due to a dark skin tone, this might be the best option. It does not produce the immediate results of a laser treatment, though.

Major Skincare
Heavy sagging of the jowls or deep wrinkling can mean the treatment has to be extreme as well. If so, cosmetic surgery may be the only option. This method allows a surgeon to cut away the excess skin and reshape the body. There are major risks when it comes to any surgery, such as risk of infection and issues with anesthesia, so opting for plastic surgery should be a last resort. While the results are dramatic, it takes months of recovery time to see those results.

Choosing a Laser Treatment
When you decide that laser treatments are your best option, then it’s time to find a clinic. Don’t make an appointment with the first clinic you find in the telephone book. Take a few minutes to check their reputation. Find out which treatments they offer as different clinics offer different services. You should also obtain recommendations from your personal physician or dermatologist since they understand your skincare issues best.


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    My sister has had laser treatments, once to improve the appearance of old chicken pox scars and acne on her chest & back and again to reduce broken veins in her cheeks. Both times the effects were remarkable.

  • Daisy

    I use otc retinol cream and the Tria home laser to keep wrinkles at bay. It does work (if I stick to it), but the retinol creams are drying and no fun for my winter skin.

    Ultherapy does sound interesting, chemical peels remind me to much of that episode of SATC where Samantha has one and looks like a raw steak.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve always been afraid of chemical peels. They look painful. So far, I’ve stuck with the typical moisturizers, facials & masks.

  • clojo9372

    I have bad skin… and had really bad acne when I was a kid, and I do have bouts now from time to time. Would chemical peels help me? I should look into it.

  • michele

    All these ways of skin care are different and personal… I would be afraid of the chemical peel and the laser.. give me creams any day…

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