Turning a Home into a Versatile Space That’ll Catch the Eye of Potential Buyers

Creating a manly living room can prove to be challenging at times, especially when your significant other wants things to look more feminine than masculine. Whether you’re looking to improve your home or are getting ready to put it on the market, potential buyers will definitely appreciate a versatile space that’s trendy and not extremely feminine or masculine, but just right.

In other words, the more modern and attractive a home looks, the more likely it’ll sell at a faster rate. Even with implementing changes it can be challenging to sell a house, which is why it’s nice to have the option to sell my house fast in Dallas, or wherever you are located, when push comes to shove.

A manly interior is still attractive to a woman; it just has more clean lines and looks a lot simpler. Develop an interior with a streamlined look and the room will be rugged and attractive simultaneously. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Manly Furniture and Textures

From leather sofas to a solid oak coffee table, the idea is to create a suitable living room area that will look handsome but will also be livable. Incorporating masculine textures may include finding a tweed chair or another piece of furniture that’s rustic looking. Texture plays a huge part in developing a masculine room, and this includes finding the right kind of window treatments. Find a blind in a bamboo fabric, and it will indeed maintain the masculine textured look that you’re seeking to implement in the space.

Solid colored rugs and blankets

Another way to make a room streamlined and versatile is by finding a simple rug and other elements, such as a blanket that’s not very busy. A rug that’s made in a solid color is one way to keep things very simple in a room. Shapes that are noncircular are the key to keeping things more neutral, and again texture is important, so if you come across a rug that’s seagrass influenced, for example, this type of decoration may be the perfect fit in the space.

Keep it comfortable and simple

Simplicity has a lot to do with designing a room that’s more masculine than feminine and comfort is most important. Don’t implement too many pillows, but instead keep it simple with just a few large throw pillows. Of course, don’t forget a leather footstool to go with your rugged looking sofa and make sure the sofa is extra comfortable for when it’s time to watch the games or an afternoon television show with the entire family. Now you can sit back and relax in a manly interior that’s pleasing to everyone!



    We’ve moved house a lot over the years (17 and counting!) and the ‘keep it simple/neutral’ rule has always applied. Take it as read that anyone else will not have your tastes and you’ll be fine!

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