Lawn Care

The article written by Victor Flowers

After a hard evening of work I decided that it was time to sit in my recliner and relax. I spent 10 hours at work at my day job and worked for 4 hours in the yard when I got home. I love doing yard work but man does it sap your energy. With growing season right around the corner i have to get me lawn in top shape so that the grass will grow thick and green. The process to ensure a nice lawn is pretty extensive. The first thing I did was cut the grass pretty low. I then got out my dethatching rake and raked up all of the old grass clippings. The next step in aeration. I went to Home Depot and rented an aerator, this is a lot easier than doing it by hand. I then used some fertilizer that I had seen advertised onDirect.TV. The last important step is to keep your grass watered. Make sure when you cut it, that you don’t cut it to short or you will damage the roots.

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