Leave In Protectant From Shielo Review

I have stick straight, thin hair. Wait, I need to add damaged, dry and color treated, stick straight, thin hair!!
Finding a conditioner that will help my dry hair, protect my hair from the straight iron and the curling iron AND not weigh my hair down! For me, with my really thin and straight hair, conditioners can be my worst enemy. Too much conditioner and my hair won’t hold a curl for longer than it takes me to get from the curling iron to the front door. Not to mention that when I use too much conditioner my hair gets dirty faster and looks greasy and gross!

shieloI was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review the Leave In Protectant from Shielo.

Key Ingredients
• UV Protectants and natural antioxidants from White Tea enhance color protection.
• Shea Butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.
• Innovative Wheat Crosspolymer creates an invisible safety net around each hair to shield color, increase flexibility and reduce breakage.

Directions: Mist throughout clean, towel-dried hair For best color protection, comb through to ends to deeply preserve. Do not rinse. Style as usual. Can be used throughout the day.

I was immediately impressed with this spray, when my tangles just seem to glide out!!  My hair has never combed out that easily before!

Next up; shine. Holy Moly my hair has shine!! Beautiful, healthy shine!!

Most importantly; body! WOW!! My hair has body! Body and shine! My hair feels amazing. So soft! ALL the way down to the ends!!

This antioxidant rich leave in protectant is designed to fortify every strand of hair, creating texture, as well as protect your hair from the stress of heat styling. Our unique protective complex with pro-vitamins, proteins and amino acids infuse hair with vitamins while providing UV protection. For deeper natural and color-treated hair color. Excellent in controlling frizz and detangling.

When I use the curling iron I give a couple of mists to my hair and for that added protection. Now, I know nothing can repair split ends but I swear this comes really close! My hair looks healthy! So shiny!! AND this spray has UV protection so these highlights and low-lights continue to look good between salon appointments.

You can use this spray throughout the day to refresh your hair style, control fly-aways, and keep frizz under control; without destroying your style.

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What could I possibly whine about?! I have soft, shiny hair!! WITH BOUNCE and body too!! And it’s being protected from UV rays!! I haven’t got a single whine! I have to shout one more time! MY hair is so SOFT!!!!!!! Thank you Shielo!




    As soon as my surgeon says it’s ok I’m heading for the nearest pool for a gentle aquarobics session, then get slowly back to my 20 length target. It’s hard to believe I was once extremely fit, doing 50 lengths a couple of times a week. Something like this would be ideal and I love that it’s got UV protection as well.

    ps: a little tip for anyone who’s into regular swimming: coat your hair with an oil or wax then cover with a rubber tight-fit cap. The heat helps the product to soak in then gently wash & condition as usual.


      sorry – should have said that you coat your hair BEFORE you go swimming! Cover with your swimming cap & tah-dah!

  • Christine A.

    I use a flat iron so a protectant is important for my hair. My hair is wavy and tends to be dull so the shine aspect of this product sounds very appealing.

  • Tamra Phelps

    This sounds like something my Mom could use. She has a perm, along with thin hair, so she always complains about her curl turning to frizz. She will want to try this!

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