Microbubble Showerhead Mother’s Day Giveaway

Back in September of 2013 I reviewed this amazing Microbubble showerhead from Rejuvenator. Every morning I still shower with a million little bubbles!!  This showerhead makes my skin so SOFT!! This awesome showerhead makes the water itself feel soft!!

ShowerheadADDED bonus! The Rejuvenator Microbubble Showerhead uses 30 to 40% less water than a standard showerhead. Which living in Southern California and drought this is a very important feature!  California is actually toying with a mandatory water rationing! Comply or get slammed with a $300 fine every month! OUCH!!

The Microbubble Showerhead is like a spa visit every morning in your own shower!!

Check out my full review here.

The Rejuvenator shower head works through the combination of the Venturi Effect and Microbubble Technology™. Ahhhh but what is Venturi Effect?? The Venturi effect is the fluid pressure that results when an incompressible fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe. Our integrated patented solid brass Microbubble oxygenating chamber, or pipe, is the key to this effect. Why did we specify use of a brass Microbubble producing chamber instead of ABS? For a few reasons including its stability, consistency of bubble size, and long-lasting features. It actually replicates expensive shower heads typically used in European Spas. The Venturi effect with our brass Microbubble producing chamber consistently delivers billions of Microbubbles.

I can’t think of a better, more appreciated Mother’s Day Gift!!  A spa at home basket for Mom with this little beauty being included! Don’t forget shower gel and a new pouf too! Maybe some lotion, bath pillow and maybe you should add some chocolates too!

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One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Rejuvenator Microbubble Showerhead! Give to Mom or keep it for yourself; you work hard and deserve a little pampering too! Good Luck!!

Rejuvenator is responsible for shipping the showerhead to the winner.


  • Gina N.

    I learned a few things such as the Rejuventor is like a spa experience relaxing your mind, body and soul. Also microbubbles are less than 0.05mm in diameter & because of their minuscule size they can easily penetrate into your pores, allowing the skin to stay hydrated while washing.

  • Chris Martinez

    WOW. This looks fabulous. I’d love to try the Micro Bubble wall mount…that seems like such a good deal! Actually, I’d like any of the products 😀

  • Codsey w

    Wow! i had no idea there was anything out there that could deep clean your pores! and all you have to do is change the shower head! that’s almost too good to be true! i want to know how it feels! i really want to win!
    Thank you!

  • K-Squared

    If I was to decide what I wanted it would be the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Showerhead combo pack.I am generally not looking for such a product, as I cant afford it, but I could sure use the item to help relax while bathing from the pains I sustain from an accident! Inb reading their site I learned quite a bit: the greatest part is everyone in the family can enjoy the item. As it (Rejuvenator shower head and Microbubble Technology™) is perfectly safe for adults, children, babies, and even pets.

  • joni

    I learned that the Rejuvenator shower head and Microbubble Technology™ is perfectly safe for children, babies, and even pets.

  • Michele P

    I would love to own the combo pack! I love the fact that it deep cleans your pores and makes your skin and hair feel healthier and look healthier too after just a couple of weeks use.

  • Carolyn Massey

    Read the reviews and would love to have a hand held shower head. The Microbubble would be wonderful getting your skin clean and leaving it soft. Glad it will be easy to install as I would be doing it myself.

  • Kelly

    I learned that the microbubbles are microsized water bubbles that can better wash and hydrate the skin. I could use this, as I live in a very dry environment.

  • sandra davis

    I also like the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Showerhead combo pack. It says too that they are easy to install with no tools required.

  • Lori Berson

    I would like the hand held model as it would be like what we currently have to meet our needs but this sounds like it might do a better job helping with my back pain.

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    The Rejuvenator shower head provides a washing experience that will surpass any shower you’ve ever had. Our Microbubble Technology™ will leave you feeling clean, hydrated, and rejuvenated like you just emerged from a five star resort. Buy the Rejuvenator today to start your at home spa like experience tomorrow.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I really like the idea of the showerhead cleaning deep within your pores! That would be nice in places you feel you can’t easily reach, like your back.

  • Sandy Cain

    I learned that it gets deep into the pores. Well, it’s been a very long time since anything or anyone got deep inside, this is something I really need, know what I mean?

  • barrie

    I love how this isn’t just a fancy way to take a shower. It’s more than that. This shower head actually cleans down through the pores for a cleaner you!

  • Carrie H.

    I learned the micro-bubbles clean not only your skin but also within your pores. With spring here and more time in the garden, a way to really get all the dirt out!

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